Where to Credit Miles for Hawaiian Airlines Flights

Where to Credit Hawaiian Airlines Flights


Where Should You Credit Hawaiian Airlines Flights? While those who fly Hawaiian Airlines frequently may find value in the airline's own frequent flyer program, for many of us who fly the carrier infrequently, it can make more sense to credit elsewhere. Unfortunately some airline frequent flyer programs, such as American AAdvantage that are Hawaiian Airlines partners for certain routes earn no miles at all for other routes, and certain fare codes may earn just 25% of the miles flown, so read on to make an informed decision as to where to credit your miles.


Finding Your Hawaiian Airlines Fare Class

If you don't know what fare class your Hawaiian Airlines ticket was booked in, go to the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Trip Itinerary page and login using your record locator and last name. Scroll down and click on the “View or Print Receipt” button, which will take you to a screen where you view the Fare Class, under the Class column to the left of Ticket Status.

Hawaiian Airlines-How to Find Fare Class


American Airlines AAdvantage

American AAdvantage only earns miles for Hawaiian Air Inter-island flights and for flights between Hawaii and Asia and Hawaii and the South Pacific. Hawaiian Airlines flights between the mainland U.S. and Hawaii earn NO miles, so don't attempt to credit to AAdvantage if you're flying between Hawaii and the continental U.S.

Really, the only time you'd want to credit to AAdvantage is if you're flying first class or business class (which earn 150% of miles flown) or potentially full fare economy class Y, W, X or Q (which earns 100% of miles flown) on inter-island or Hawaii-Asia/South Pacific flights.

Where to Credit Miles-Hawaiian Airlines Flights-AAdvantage-Hawaii Inter-Island and Asia-South Pacific Only


Delta SkyMiles

Note that you can earn Delta SkyMiles only on Hawaii inter-island flights, so forget trying to earn miles for flights from Hawaii to the continental U.S. or anywhere else outside Hawaii. Inter-island first class and full fare economy (fare class Y) earns 100% of mileage flown, while discount economy (fare classes W, V, X, Q, S, N) earn 50% of miles flown. Any other fare class earns NO miles.


Hawaiian Airlines

This post is focused on crediting Hawaiian miles to partners, but you can view examples of the Hawaiian miles you'd earn if you credit to Hawaiian, for various destinations, on the Earn Hawaiian Miles on Flights page.


JetBlue True Blue

JetBlue is a good domestic U.S. airline, but it's one of my least favorite frequent flyer programs, along with Delta SkyMiles, since it's hard to get good value from it–TrueBlue points are worth only 1.3-1.4 cents when redeemed, and are tied to the revenue cost of the ticket. Earning rates for Hawaiian Airlines are abysmal: just 75% of miles flown even for the most expensive Hawaiian Air first class tickets, 50% of miles flown for discount first class (fare class A), 50% for full fare economy, and just 25% for discount economy.


Korean Air SKYPASS

Korean Air SkyPass is what I credit our own flights to. Granted, it's unfortunately no longer possible to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards miles to Korean SkyPass, but it's still possible to top up with Marriott/SPG points, and I'd transferred some points to Korean before the partnership with Ultimate Rewards ended.

The nice thing about Korean is that for inter-island flights, even heavily discounted economy fares earn 100% of mileage flown, and for Hawaii-Continental U.S. routes, discount first class (A) and economy fare classes Y, W, X, Q, V, B, S, N and M earn 100% of mileage flown, while higher first class fare classes F, P and C earn 150% of miles flown.

Where to Credit Miles-Hawaiian Airlines Flights-Korean SkyPass


United Airlines MileagePlus

The miles you'll earn with United MileagePlus depend on whether you purchased your ticket with United (in which case your ticket number should start with 016) or not. If purchased as a United ticket, you'll earn based on the fare you paid plus your United MileagePlus status: 5X the fare as a regular MileagePlus member, up to 11x the fare if you're a Premier 1K elite.

If you didn't purchase your ticket from United, you'll earn 150% for First Class (F, J, P, C fare classes only) or 100% for Discount First (fare class A) or Economy fare classes Y, W, X, Q, V, B, S, N, M, I, H, G, K or L. Note that fare classes D, E, O, R, T, U and Z earn NO MileagePlus miles at all.

Where do you usually credit your Hawaiian Airlines flights?

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