Guess the Hotel: Cathedral and Skylights

Guess the Hotel-Cathedral and Skylights


This Guess the Hotel is “Cathedrals and Skylights,” a nod to the incredible view from select rooms and suites of the beautiful 19th century cathedral across from the hotel, the 4th largest cathedral in the world.

Guess the Hotel-View of Cathedral


The hotel's skylight atriums weren't part of the building's original design, which was constructed by the same architect of the cathedral, but they add wonderful natural light to the hotel's main lounge, where you'll enjoy a lavish breakfast buffet and can also savor afternoon tea.

Guess the Hotel-Atrium Skylights

Guess the Hotel-Skylights-Lobby Lounge


There are also skylights above the hotel's vitality pool, a soothing retreat after a busy day of sightseeing or meetings.

Guess the Hotel-Atrium Over Vitality Pool

Guess the Hotel-Vitality Pool


I loved the beautiful flowers in the lobby, especially the magnificent purple hues in this arrangement, which is by the grand staircase.

Guess the Hotel-Purple Lobby Flowers


Can you guess the hotel?

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Konstantin Egorov
Konstantin Egorov
3 years ago

Four Seasons St. Petersburg!

Le Petit Normand
Le Petit Normand
3 years ago

Saint Isaac and the local four season, visited the first one, which I stayed and the later

3 years ago

Four Seasons in St Petersburg

3 years ago

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg