A Tale of Two Cities: Can You Guess the Hotels?

A Tale of Two Cities: Can You Guess the Hotels?


Today I've visited a couple of cities (hint: they're in the same country), and specifically, two beautiful luxury hotels, one in each city. Can you guess the hotels and where they're located? 

The first hotel I visited greets you with gorgeous floral displays in the lobby:

Beautiful Floral Display in Hotel Lobby


The hotel has both elegant, traditional rooms as well as more modern loft-type rooms and suites, such as this one:

Loft Room


Don't miss the top floor, with its spa, including its view of the hotel's courtyard, as well as its indoor rooftop pool:

Spa Reception View of the Courtyard

Indoor Rooftop Pool


There's a cozy library as well, with natural light streaming in through a small atrium, and a fireplace:



At the 2nd hotel I visited today, which has been owned and managed by the same family and its descendants for over 170 years, each room and suite is individually decorated. Here's the bed in a lovely Junior Suite:

Junior Suite


The hotel's Living Room was only recently created, a few years ago, but has a timeless feel to it:

Living Room


A huge draw of this hotel is that, even though it's a short walk to the city's financial center, it has its own lovely garden. It's a huge draw throughout the spring, summer and fall, with al fresco dining on the terrace.

Hotel Garden


Both hotels in this post offer a Michelin-starred restaurant; here's the Michelin star restaurant of the 2nd hotel:

Michelin-Starred Restaurant


Can you guess the hotels and where they're located?

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