Review: EVA Air Lounge Taipei Airport

EVA Air Infinity Lounge Taipei Airport Review


This Review of EVA Air's The Infinity Lounge in Taipei Airport follows our EVA Air Business Class Review. We flew from New York JFK to Taipei TPE, arriving early morning in Taipei, and had a connecting flight to Bangkok. EVA Air has several lounges in Taipei, but if you're flying EVA Business Class and don't have elite status, The Infinity Lounge may be your best bet, depending on how busy the other lounges are. Other lounges include The Garden (exclusively for Infinity MileageLands Diamond elite members), The Club (which Infinity MileageLands Silver elites and higher have access to) and The Star (which Infinity MileageLands Gold elites and Star Alliance Gold elites have access to).

EVA Air Infinity Lounge Taipei Review


EVA Air The Infinity Location, Access and Hours

For all of the lounges, follow signs to VIP Lounge, and ascend the escalator to the 2nd floor. You'll see The Garden Lounge just off to the right, but bear left and then right to arrive at the entrance for both The Infinity (on the right) and The Star (on the left).

Escalator to Lounges-Taipei Airport


For The Infinity, you must be flying EVA Air Royal Laurel Business Class or Premium Laurel Business Class, or Star Alliance First Class or Business Class to access The Infinity Lounge.

The lounge is open daily 4:30am-11:30pm, and the reception area was busy. Perhaps that's why they had a friendly looking robot, whose ostensible job was to scan your boarding pass for lounge entry.

Review-EVA Business Class Infinity Lounge Taipei-Reception

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-with Robot


EVA Air The Infinity Lounge Amenities

Just to the right of the reception desk, a light shines the lounge name, The Infinity, on the floor.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Entrance


Off to the left is a sitting room that was empty during most of our visit, although I saw a family there as we left the lounge mid-morning, by which time the lounge was very crowded.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Sitting Room Near Reception


To the left of the hallway was armchair seating:

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Seating


The futuristic part of the lounge is in the back, near the buffet. There's a “tree” of lights that alternate colors, along with recessed ceiling lights that also change colors. Fortunately it's not just design; there is seating underneath the light tree, and also banquette seating across from it.

Review-EVA Business Class Lounge Taipei-Tree

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Tree

EVA Air Infinity Lounge Review-Taipei Airport


The Infinity has four shower rooms with names that could come straight out of a Japanese love hotel.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Shower Room Names


Since the lounge does get busy and shower demand is high, I recommend asking for a shower room pager from reception as soon as you arrive.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Pager for Shower Room


The shower room itself was clean and perfectly fine, although not nearly as futuristic looking as the light tree or the fanciful names might lead you to expect.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Shower Room

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Shower


There was L'Occitane shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, as well as body moisturizer, and also 3Lab facial moisturizer, hand cream and lip balm (as in the EVA Air Business Class amenity kit). You're asked to limit your time in the shower room to 20 minutes, a reasonable request, given the high passenger demand.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Shower Room-3LAB Amenities

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Shower Room-3LAB Skincare


For families with toddlers and young kids, it's worth mentioning there's a large family bathroom, with a little potty for a young child, plus a regular size toilet and also a urinal.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Family Bathroom


EVA Air The Infinity Lounge Food and Drink

As our visit was in the early morning, there was a breakfast-oriented buffet, although Asian breakfasts lean towards the savory, so in addition to a frittata and french toast, there were mashed potatoes:

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Buffet-Frittata-French Toast-Mashed Potatoes


Pumpkin soup and sweet potatoes were other items that seem to be more popular for Asian breakfasts than Western:

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Buffet-Pumpkin Soup

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Sweet Potato


There was somewhat unappetizing looking ham and breakfast meat:

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Buffet-Ham


Fortunately there was a small salad bar that also had fresh watermelon and orange, so we helped ourselves to that:

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Buffet-Salad and Fruit


Probably the most popular items of the buffet, judging by the number of other visitors eating them, were the Taiwanese dim sum offerings: plain mini milk buns, pork-filled pearl balls, sweet potato buns, and Taiwanese meatball. I liked both the pork-filled and sweet potato dim sum, although not as much as I like traditional Hong Kong and Cantonese dim sum, such as cheong fun rice noodles, shrimp-filled har gau, etc.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Dim Sum Choices

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Buffet-Steamed Buns

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Buffet-Steamed Dim Sum


While I was focused on rehydrating with water, there was an espresso machine and also wines and spirits on offer.

EVA Infinity Lounge Taipei Review-Alcohol-Spirits


Additional choices on the buffet included bread, cereal, local packaged yogurt, and even ice cream. We tried the yogurt, which wasn't quite as sweet or processed tasting as Yoplait, and some of the ice cream, but it was nothing to write home about.


The Verdict

EVA Business Class has a very strong in-flight product for business class, so I was curious to see the lounge offering at its Taipei hub. The Infinity is a solid business class lounge, but not as good as, say, the Cathay Pacific business class lounges in Hong Kong such as The Pier Business Class Lounge, where you can get various noodle soups, dim sum, and even espresso drinks made to order and where I found the hot food on the buffet more appetizing. I also had no wait for one of the many shower rooms at The Pier, whereas the 4 shower rooms in The Infinity were constantly in use or being cleaned, due to the high demand.

If you've recently visited EVA Air's The Infinity Lounge in Taipei, what was your impression?

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