Sick of Delta Air Lines’ Long Hold Times? Email the CEO

Sick of Delta Air Lines' Long Hold Times? Email the CEO


Call Delta Air Lines and you may encounter hours' long hold times. Here's a case in point, from a tweet by Jennifer Manuel, who after 6 hours on hold with Delta tweeted:

Things I’ve done today while waiting 6+ hours for @Delta to answer their phones: 1) Made lunch 2) Made dinner 3) Made 2 trips to Target 4) Cleaned my entire house. Any intention of picking up so I can give you my money, folks?

Delta Air Lines' Long Hold Times


To be fair, most U.S. airlines are also struggling with long hold times; on a couple calls to JetBlue, my estimated wait time was over 3 hours, which I gave up on (JetBlue for some reason doesn't offer a callback option).

Other travelers, according to USA Today, have reported waits of as long as nine hours, as well as missed callbacks.

CEO Ed Bastian claimed that the average wait is about one hour, and that after Delta finishes training a number of new call center hires, he expects wait times to get back to “normal levels” in September 2021. Pre-pandemic, and absent severe weather, wait times were typically a few minutes.

In the meantime, Bastian offered an interesting option for frustrated Delta customers on long holds: email him directly.

“People email me every day, every hour, and that's a good way,” he said. “If somebody needs help, just send me a note. I'll take care of you.” His email address is

Given the likely deluge of email he's about to experience, we'd recommend instead tweeting @Delta and requesting to DM the social media team your question or request for help.

Have you been stuck on hold a long time with Delta or another airline?

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1 year ago

This worked! I emailed and got a call back 30 minutes later after being on hold for three hours! Thank you! This really improved my day.

Rebecca Crothers
Rebecca Crothers
9 months ago

I would love to be able to get through to a delta representative. It concerns a issue that happened yesterday when my luggage came to RSW. Not a huge issubut still unacceptable. My number is 239 288 7129. From Rebecca Crothers.