Chase Private Clients: No ATM Fees Worldwide

Chase Private Client-No ATM Fees Worldwide


Good News for Chase Private Clients: No ATM Fees Worldwide. I received an email recently about this benefit, which notes that there are no fees charged by Chase on non-Chase ATM withdrawals, and there are unlimited refunds of other banks' ATM fees. There are also no foreign exchange rate adjustments when using ATMs abroad.

There's a note that some ATM owners do not identify fees in the information they transmit to Chase; if that is the case, contact your Chase Private Client banker to request a refund of the fee.

This is good news to us, since to date we've used our Chase Private Client account as a backup account when traveling, and our First Republic account for all of our ATM transactions, as First Republic has been reimbursing all our ATM fees globally, for years.

Another popular means of reimbursing ATM fees is the Schwab Debit card, although as far as I know the Schwab account has a maximum withdrawal limit of $1000 per day.

Naturally, whenever possible, I recommend using your Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa to pay for travel and dining expenses, instead of cash, since you'll earn 3X per dollar or dollar equivalent spent. On $1000 of spend, that's 3000 Ultimate Rewards points, or ~$60 at a valuation of 2 cents per point. Still, there are almost always some expenses where cash is required, whether as tips for hotel staff or a taxi, shop or cafe or street vendor that doesn't accept credit cards.

Which bank do you use to avoid ATM fees and get international ATM fees reimbursed?

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5 years ago

CPC has had this perk for a long time, they must just be making it more widely know .