Updated: Cayman Islands Reopening Plan

Cayman Islands Phased Reopening Plan


Updated 10/28/21: The Cayman Islands' Phase 4, with no quarantine for fully vaccinated visitors, will start November 20, 2021 instead of the previous 10/14/21 date that was in the original plan.

Updated 9/27/21: Phase 3 travel requirements have been updated. Fully vaccinated visitors need to quarantine for 7 days instead of 5 days, due to local COVID-19 community transmission rates.

The Cayman Islands Will Have a Phased Reopening, with Phase 3 contingent on reaching an 80% vaccination rate among Cayman residents. Most Caribbean destinations have reopened due to their high dependence on tourism (albeit with pre-travel testing in many cases, and for Anguilla, with visitors required to be vaccinated). The Cayman Islands has taken a different paty, however, and been closed to tourists since March 2020. It's also one of the destinations ranked by the CDC as Level 1, with low levels of COVID-19, and many days see zero new cases. We have clients that in pre-pandemic times visit Grand Cayman annually to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, so the reopening is exciting news, though of course it's possible that the dates will get pushed back should there be a rise in cases.


Phase 1 (Currently in effect)

  • Borders are open to returning citizens, residents, work permit holders, others with close ties to the Cayman Islands, and those traveling for medical purposes
  • Pre-Arrival COVID-19 PCR test required for all, arrival PCR no longer required
  • Quarantine period of 5 days available for those with verifiable vaccinations, 10 days quarantine period for unverified vaccinations and 14 days quarantine period for unvaccinated travelers


Phase 2 (from August 9, 2021)

  • Borders open only for citizens, residents et al. as in Phase 1
  • Pre-Arrival COVID-19 PCR required for all, arrival PCR no longer required
  • Removal of GPS monitoring for those eligible for 5-day quarantine, but still mandatory for everyone not eligible for 5-day quarantine


Phase 3 (from September 9, 2021, if 80%+ of Population is Vaccinated)

  • Only if local population achieves an 80% vaccination rate, borders will reopen to verified vaccinated travelers through a CIAA slot management system that will manage flight volume
  • All travelers still required to apply on Travel Cayman Portal
  • Quarantine period of 7 days (updated from 5 days; see update) available for those with verifiable vaccinations, 10 days quarantine period for unverified vaccinations and 14 days quarantine period for unvaccinated travelers


Phase 4 (from November 20, 2021; updated from previous plan)

  • Quarantine requirements removed for all securely vaccinated travelers
  • Unvaccinated travelers must still apply via Travel Cayman Portal


Phase 5 (date TBD)

  • Unvaccinated children under age 12 allowed to travel with vaccinated adult tourists
  • Cruises still prohibited


Phase 6 (first assessed by January 27, 2022)

  • All travelers, vaccinated and unvaccinated permitted
  • No PCR testing or quarantine
  • Cruise tourism allowed to resume


Cayman Islands Phased Reopening Plan

If you've visited the Cayman Islands, what was your experience?


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Robert Goud
Robert Goud
2 years ago

The governments requirement for ”secure verification of vaccination status” means that no one from the US will be able to go to the Caymans because the US isn’t even trying to create a national secure verification of vaccination status. So US citizens should plan on going someplace else.