AMEX Change for Transfers to Authorized User Frequent Flyer Accounts

AMEX Change for Transfers to Authorized User Frequent Flyer Accounts

AMEX Has Updated Terms for Transfers to Frequent Flyer Accounts. Previously, it was possible to transfer Membership Rewards points to either the cardholder's or an authorized user's frequent flyer or loyalty account, regardless of when the authorized user was added.

AMEX has updated its Membership Rewards Terms to state that when transferring to an authorized user's frequent flyer account, the authorized user must have been issued a card at least 90 days before linking his/her frequent flyer program to your AMEX Membership Rewards account, bolding mine:

“The frequent customer program account that you transfer points into must be held by you or an Additional Card Member linked to your program account provided that an Additional Card must be issued to the Additional Card Member at least 90 days prior to linking your program account to that Additional Card Member’s frequent customer program account.”

AMEX Transfer-Must Add Authorized User 90 Days Prior to Transfer to Frequent Flyer Program

This change is most likely in order to combat mileage brokers and their customers, who in the past may have added an authorized user in order to carry out a transfer, then removed the authorized user after the transaction. AMEX Membership Rewards Terms stipulate that points aren't your property, and can't be transferred to any other person or program account (with the exception of the transfer to frequent flyer programs belonging to you or an authorized user who has received a card at least 90 days prior to linking accounts). Similarly, most frequent flyer programs explicitly forbid buying or selling miles.

The Upshot: The new restriction is important to keep in mind for members who need to top up a family member's or friend's frequent flyer account. If that's the case, be sure to add this person as an authorized user at least 90 days before the transfer is needed.

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