American Airlines: $129 At-Home COVID-19 Testing

American Airlines: $129 At-Home COVID-19 Testing


American Airlines Will Offer $129 At-Home COVID-19 Tests through its partner, LetsGetChecked, starting December 9, 2020, for AA flights that are on December 12, 2020 or later.

Previously, AA only offered tests for passengers bound for select international destinations and Hawaii; the LetsGetChecked at-home coronavirus test is available to all AA passengers.

American Airlines' LetsGetChecked RT-PCR test requires a nasal swab sample, although the site is at pains to point out that it's not invasive and is taken from the nostril area, similar to using a cotton swab to clean the inside of a nostril, unlike the more uncomfortable and invasive typical PCR tests. It's not a saliva test, unlike the Vault Health PCR test.


LetsGetChecked Test FAQ

How Long Does It Take to Receive AA's LetsGetChecked Test?

After ordering the AA LetsGetChecked test online, it should be delivered within 24-48 hours, via UPS.


How is the Test Sample Returned?

LetsGetChecked says to arrange for a UPS pickup even before activating the test, either online or by calling 800-742-5877. There are no UPS pickups on Sundays, only Monday-Saturday, so make sure to plan accordingly when booking your AA flight.


What's the Process for Taking the Test Sample?

The first step is to activate the test at Next, if your destination requires medical supervision of the test, you'll need to have an observation call to supervise your collection of the test sample. Wait until you're on the observation call to collect your sample.


How Long do Test Results Take?

After sending your results back with the prepaid UPS envelope, your results are typically received by the lab the following day. Processing usually takes 24-48 hours after the lab receives the results.


If you've used LetsGetChecked COVID-19 at-home testing, what was your experience?

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