Amanbagh Menus and Dining Review

Amanbagh Menus and Dining Review

This Amanbagh Menus and Restaurant Review covers our food and dining experiences at Amanbagh in Rajasthan, India, one of the most exclusive boutique luxury resorts in India. Love Aman Resorts? See all of our posts tagged Aman Resorts.

Amanbagh Restaurant

Amanbagh's restaurant is a tranquil setting, with tables around a central open air courtyard and also facing out towards the main pool. Often we were either the only guests, or there was only one other couple or family dining. Needless to say, service was perfect, and we were very well looked after.

Because it's often more pleasant to get an early start on excursions to the nearby forts when the morning is still cool, we often had a hearty breakfast late morning, after we returned, as the day started to heat up.

Amanbagh Breakfast

If you book as a TravelSort Client, complimentary a la carte breakfast is included as a Virtuoso benefit, and includes your choice of freshly squeezed juice or lassi, fresh fruit, and Western or Indian breakfast items. Here are the breakfast menus:

Amanbagh Breakfast Drinks Menu

Amanbagh Breakfast Menu

Amanbagh Indian Breakfast Menu

Here were our favorite Amanbagh breakfast choices:

1. Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts with Custard and Coffee Granita

We discovered doughnuts on our second morning, and these were a must on our third and last morning, they were so good. Served warm, with a crispy exterior and tender crumb, dusting of cinnamon sugar, and both an accompanying custard and coffee granita alongside, they couldn't be beat, at least if you like doughnuts.

Amanbagh Review-Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts-Breakfast

2. Akuri Pav (Parsi Eggs with Bread)

These ginger and tumeric scrambled eggs aren't fancy, but they were very flavorful, and great as a savory breakfast.

Amanbagh Breakfast Review-Akuri Pav-Parsi Scrambled Eggs

3. Homemade Granola with Yogurt

I have yet to meet an Aman Resort homemade granola that I don't like, and Amanbagh's version was delicious, especially with some of the creamy plain yogurt and honey.

Amanbagh Review-Breakfast Granola

4. Frittata

A simple dish, but well made, with garden fresh spinach and tomatoes.

Amanbagh Review-Breakfast Frittata

5. Banana Pancakes

These were among my husband's and son's favorites, accompanied by honey rather than maple syrup.

Amanbagh Breakfast Review-Banana Pancakes

6. Parathas with Paneer

I've always enjoyed paneer, Indian soft cheese, so I really liked parathas, a traditional flatbread, stuffed with paneer and grilled. It was accompanied by Indian pickles, which are pretty salty, so a little goes a long way. A hearty and filling high protein breakfast.

Amanbagh Breakfast Review-Parathas Flat Bread

7. Mango Lassi and Strawberry Mango Lassi

Both my son and I adore mango yogurt lassis, and we also really enjoyed a mixed strawberry mango version.

Amanbagh Review-Mango Lassi-Strawberry Lassi

8. Fresh Fruit

I'd expected just a small plate of fresh fruit, so was very happy that there was such a nice assortment, prettily presented, that included kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, pomegranate, papaya, apple, pear and plum.

Guess the Hotel-Fresh Fruit Plate

8. French Toast with Bacon

This isn't last place in terms of flavor, as it was delicious, according to my husband–he was just a bit disappointed that it was a small serving.

Amanbagh Breakfast Review-French Toast with Bacon

Amanbagh Lunch and Dinner

As with breakfast, Amanbagh offers a number of both Indian and Western choices. And the great thing about India for vegetarians is that many Indians are vegetarian, so there are plenty of great vegetarian choices, not just steamed vegetables and salads.

Amanbagh Menu-All Day Dining-Indian

Amanbagh Dinner Menu-Western Appetizers

Amanbagh Menu-All Day Dining-Western

Amanbagh Dinner Menu-Indian Main Dishes

These were our favorite lunch and dinner dishes:

1. Special Quail Tasting Dinner (Bater)

Quail is a rather small game bird, so you may need to rely on the accompanying rice (we also ordered some Indian naan bread) to fill you up, but we loved the taste of this meal, both the exquisite kebabs and soup that started it, and the main course of quail meat in a delectable mint and coriander sauce. Unfortunately it was also so tasty that I neglected to take a photo before we'd consumed half of the quail, so apologies for the poor photo.

Note that this is a special dinner that requires 24 hours advance notice to prepare.

Amanbagh Menu-Special Dinners

Amanbagh Dining Review-Quail Dinner Appetizer

Amanbagh Dinner Review-Quail

2. Spinach and Pumpkin Dumplings (Kaddu aur Palak Ka Kofta) with Indian Naan

While I'm not vegetarian, I was very glad I ordered this dish–it's one of my favorite Indian dishes period, and the coriander infused sauce was addictive, perfect with the Indian naan breads we ordered.

Amanbagh Review-Dinner-Spinach Pumpkin Dumplings-Kofta

Amanbagh Review-Naan Bread

3. Pesto Pasta

Sometimes the simplest dishes are best. Case in point: this pesto pasta that we had for a light lunch, bursting with flavor from the freshly picked basil grown in Amanbagh's own organic herb and vegetable garden.

Amanbagh Review-Pesto Pasta

4. Chicken with Potato Terrine, Hay Smoked Tomato, Thyme Foam

Normally it's pretty hard to get excited about a chicken dish, but my husband and I were both impressed with his perfectly cooked, juicy chicken served with a potato terrine, hay smoked tomato and thyme foam. It was beautifully plated as well.

Amanbagh Review-Dinner-Chicken

If you've recently visited Amanbagh, what were your favorite dishes?

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5 years ago

Interesting. The doughnuts and granita dish is also at Amankila… wonder where it originated