20K AAdvantage Miles Bonus From Sprint Offer Posted

20K AAdvantage Bonus Miles from Sprint Offer Posted


20K AAdvantage bonus miles have posted from the Sprint new customer offer I signed up for, although it took a couple calls. I wrote of the 25K Sprint AAdvantage offer for a new Sprint account, where you earn 20,000 bonus AAdvantage miles as a new Sprint customer, with an additional 5000 miles earned in the first year, or 417 miles per month as a customer.

20K Bonus AAdvantage Miles Posted


That said, I was never able to get the confirmation number I received when pre-registering for the offer to reflect my status on the Sprint AAdvantage Check Status page:

Sprint Bonus Offer Not Verified on Check Status Page


So I called Sprint and at first was told just to wait a few weeks for the miles to post. But then, a few days short of my one month anniversary, I received the following email:

Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am happy to assist you with your Sprint discount request.

I am unable to process your request to enroll your account in the Sprint Miles Program because you signed up for service using our No Credit Check program which does not qualify for additional discounts. I apologize if you were not made aware of this limitation.
To qualify for the Sprint Miles Program, you must switch to a program and plan  plan with different policies which requires a credit check and possible deposit. This change may also reduce the number of lines you are allowed.
If you're still interested in the Sprint Miles Program, please call 844-391-9734 during our business hours, Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Time.
On the call we will connect you with our credit department. Once your credit is successfully run, we will be happy to make the necessary changes to your account.

Also, please be informed that if no response receive before 3/25/2017, your registration for miles will expire.”

I wasn't happy about not being told, when I signed up for Sprint, that opting against a credit check would void the miles offer and still don't understand why Sprint needs to run a credit check given that I brought over my own phone, but apparently the offer requires a credit check. So I called Sprint, consented to a check, and the AAdvantage miles appeared in my account within a couple of days.

We're working on rebuilding our AAdvantage miles, since they're easier for us to earn than Alaska miles, and can be redeemed for some of our favorite awards, such as JAL First Class, JAL Business Class, Cathay Pacific First Class, and Etihad First Apartment on the A380 (although we probably won't be redeeming for that award on flights to the U.S. while the electronics ban is in place for flights from Abu Dhabi to the U.S.; see US Bans Laptops as Carry-ons for Flights from Dubai and Middle East to U.S.)

Have you earned AAdvantage miles from the Sprint offer or another AAdvantage partner?

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