Will Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Insurance Reimburse Unused Travel Credit?

Will Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Insurance Reimburse Unused Travel Credit?


Will Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Insurance Reimburse an Unused Travel Credit? This question arises when travelers have to cancel travel due to a covered reason, such as an illness, accident, or severe weather, yet are stuck with travel credits and vouchers that they know they won't use.

For example, a reader whose daughter cancelled a Southwest flight due to a change in military orders received travel credit that expires in February 2021, but won't be able to use the credit due to her deployment:

“They are now stuck with over $1200 travel funds expiring in February 2021. They cannot use their travel funds before the expiration because this leave was supposed to be their pre deployment leave. Even though, my daughter explained their situation to Southwest, Southwest reps refused to refund their money other than the form of travel fund. “

Fortunately, the flights were booked with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, where the Trip Cancellation policy's covered losses include a “change in military orders for you or your spouse.” The only issue in this case is that it wasn't the daughter's credit card that was used, it was the mother's, and since the covered loss is for the cardholder or the cardholder's spouse, there may be no coverage.

Putting that aside, let's just suppose that this was the daughter's CSR, and that she should be eligible for trip cancellation coverage due to her change in military orders. Since she was issued a travel credit, does that eliminate the Sapphire Reserve trip cancellation coverage?


Chase Sapphire Reserve Trip Cancellation Coverage Will Reimburse Travel Credit That Can't Be Used

Fortunately, the Sapphire Reserve trip cancellation coverage will ultimately reimburse travel credit that can't be used, although it may require opening a new claim. On Flyertalk, Yossarian147 reported that due to his partner's urgent medical condition, they had to cancel a trip that included an AA flight. While only the non-refundable hotel stays and train ticket were reimbursed with the original claim, they were told that once the AA travel credit expired, they were able to submit new claims to obtain reimbursement.

In the case of medical reasons or military orders, if one has written documentation that it will be impossible to travel before the travel credit expires, I'd recommend submitting that so as to try to claim full reimbursement now of the originally booked flight or travel arrangements.


Most Airline Cancellations NOT Covered by Trip Cancellation Insurance

As a reminder, most airline initiated cancellations are NOT covered losses under the Sapphire Reserve's trip cancellation policy, unless they are caused by severe weather. But if you, as a traveler, have to cancel travel plans due to illness, including the coronavirus, or because a physician or government authority quarantines you, those are covered reasons. See the Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits Guide for full coverage details.

If you've submitted a trip cancellation claim to Chase that involved a flight credit or other travel credit, did you have to wait until the credit expired to be reimbursed, or were you able to be reimbursed earlier?

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