Vision Global WiFi Review, Japan

Vision Global WiFi Review, Japan


This Vision Global WiFi review if from our use of its pocket WiFi device over 9 days in Japan. I looked into getting a portable WiFi device due to the amount of train travel we did while in Japan, since my husband and I had to be connected for work. And in the course of purchasing our Japan rail passes through My JR Pass (see Japan Rail Pass and Shinkansen Tips) I received a flyer for Vision Global WiFi. I paid for my own device, and have no connection to the company.

Vision Global WiFi County Coverage

Vision Global WiFi devices are available for the following countries:

North America

  • United States (300 MB per day)
  • Canada (150 MB per day)
  • Mexico (150 MB per day)
Europe (1 GB per day)
Covers the following countries and destinations: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, Vatican City
East Asia
  • Japan (see below)
  • Korea (10GB per month or Unlimited)
  • China (250 MB per day)
  • Taiwan (500 MB per day)

Vision Global WiFi Japan Options and Prices

Vision Global WiFi provides unlimited data plans for Japan and Korea, so that's what we chose. The Japan unlimited plan is just $6 per day, vs. $5 per day for the 150 MB per day, so it was a very reasonable cost for us to not worry about being too limited in terms of data usage.

You also have the option of a full insurance plan for $3 per day, which I also bought, given that the replacement fee for the device and the SIM card is $400. An extra $27 for our 9 day usage seemed worth it for peace of mind.

Vision Global WiFi Japan Pricing


Shipping and Pickup Options

To ensure your pocket WiFi is ready for you in time, you need to apply by 12noon PT at least 4 days before your departure date. It can be shipped to you for an $8 delivery fee, but we chose to pick up our device at Narita Airport in Japan for a $5 pickup fee. If departing from Los Angeles LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal, you also have the option of picking it up in the Arrival Hall.

You can pick up the device and return it at these Japanese Airports:

  • Narita Airport Terminal 1
  • Narita Airport Terminal 2
  • Haneda Airport International Terminal
  • Kansai International Airport Terminal 1
  • Chubu International Airport
  • New Chitose Airport 
  • Fukuoka Airport International Terminal
  • Naha Airport

Since we were meeting my husband's arriving JAL flight, we picked up and returned our device at Narita Terminal 2, in the International Arrival Lobby at the QL Liner Counter. See all locations at the Vision Global WiFi Japan Pickup / Return page.

Vision Global WiFi Device, Battery and Case


How Well It Worked

It was very simple to find the signal and enter in the password both for our computers and phones, and we never had to re-enter these again. As long as we were close to the device, it worked perfectly, including on all the trains we took, with the exception of some areas on the train between Kyoto and Kinosaki Onsen, which wasn't surprising given the mountains and tunnels in this region.

We used the device heavily during most days, so that it often did just have 10-15% battery power left at the end of the day. I always plugged it in to recharge overnight, but if you think you may forget to do this, you can get an extra battery for an extra $2 per day.


The Verdict

So often I find that a lot of technology I use is disappointing, including my iPhone, computer, voice recognition systems, etc. I'm happy to report that, at least for us, Vision Global WiFi's pocket WiFi device with the unlimited plan worked extremely well for us in Japan. The battery lasted all day, and the only places the WiFi didn't work were a few stretches on the train from Kyoto to Kinosaki Onsen, which isn't surprising given the mountainous and sparsely populated area.

If you've used Vision Global WiFi in Japan or another country, what was your experience?

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