Poor Handling of Coronavirus Dents America’s International Reputation

Poor Handling of Coronavirus Dents America's International Reputation

The Poor Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the U.S. is causing a Decline in the Country's Reputation overseas. This isn't surprising, but the numbers reported by the Pew Research Center are stark: just 41% of polled Japanese, 35% of Canadians, 33% of Australians, and 26% of Germans had a favorable view of the U.S..

But even those mediocre favorability ratings of the country are high, compared to how countries assess the U.S. response to coronavirus. Spain is generous, with 20% of those surveyed saying the U.S. has done a good job with the COVID-19 pandemic (although 54% think Spain has done a good job, and 65% think the EU has handled the pandemic well).

Towards the other end of the spectrum, just 7% of Danes think the U.S. has done a good job with the pandemic, while 95% laud Denmark's response and 66% think the EU has performed well.

The only surveyed country where fewer than 50% of the respondents thought their own country did a good job is, unsurprisingly, the UK, which is fifth in the number of total COVID-19 deaths, after the U.S., Brazil, India and Mexico.

Americans (except for those with dual nationality or permanent residents living abroad) remain barred from visiting not only most European and Asian countries, but also Canada. A recent poll of 1000 Canadians found that 90% support keeping the border closed to non-essential traffic, and the U.S.-Canadian border is likely to remain closed for months.

Sadly, it make take a concerted effort of more successfully fighting the pandemic, greater respect for science, better collaboration with other countries, and quite some time before the U.S. can shake this latest version of the “ugly American” image.

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Image Source: Pew Research Center

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