Secret Switzerland with Swisspecial

Secret Switzerland with Swisspecial


Pascal Rast of Swisspecial is one of my favorite private guides anywhere. After a corporate career in biotech, he parlayed his off duty passions of mountaineering and exploring Switzerland's great outdoors into a luxury private guiding company, Swisspecial. He and his handpicked private guides design bespoke full day and half day experiences in the Lake Lucerne area for visitors, from snow cat adventures in winter, with a 4-course lunch in a place only accessible by snow cat and winter wonderland adventures and snowy hiking in winter to scenic alpine roads, cheese making at family farms accessible only by private cable car in summer, wine tasting, chocolate making, and more. You're guaranteed not to see any other foreign tourists in any of the remote areas Pascal takes you to.

We were fortunate to experience a morning with Pascal, following our stay at the Park Hotel Vitznau, on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Here are some photos of our memorable time with him, from the ferry we took across Lake Lucerne to a small family cheese maker in the alps, to a scenic reservoir with a snowy mountain backdrop.

Lake Lucerne Ferry
Lake Lucerne Ferry
On the Lake Lucerne Ferry
Pascal Rast, Swisspecial
Pascal Rast Guides Guests to the Best Secret Spots in the Lucerne Area, Switzerland
Beautiful Lake Lucerne, Swisspecial
Our Drive Afforded Breathtaking Views of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Private Cable Car to Musenalp
Musenalp's Private Cable Car, Switzerland
In the Private Cable Car
Musenalp's Private Cable Car, Switzerland
Private Cable Car, Swisspecial
Getting Ready to Ride the Private Cable Car Up to Musenalp
Musenalp, Swisspecial
Musenalp is in an Idyllic Lush Valley
Musenalp Switzerland, Family Cheesemaker
Cheese Making Hut, Musenalp, Switzerland
Copper Cheese Vat
Copper Vat for Making Cheese, Switzerland
Cheesemaking, Switzerland
Inspecting a Newly Molded Fresh Curd Cheese, Musenalp, Switzerland
Cheeses, Musenalp, Switzerland
Alpine Cheeses, Musenalp, Switzerland
Cheese Tasting, Musenalp
Alpine Cheese Tasting, Musenalp, Switzerland
Swiss Cow
A Swiss Cow Enjoys Lush Pasture at Musenalp, Switzerland
Meeting a Swiss Cow at Musenalp, a Family Cheesemaker, Switzerland
Swisspecial-Secret Switzerland with Pascal Rast
Snow Capped Mountains and Wildflowers, Switzerland
Wild Blueberries, Switzerland
Wild Blueberries
Feasting on Wild Blueberries
Gathering Wild Blueberries, Switzerland
Reservoir with Snow Capped Mountains-Swisspecial

Here's our Swisspecial video:

Have you experienced Switzerland with Swisspecial and Pascal Rast?

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