Review: Velaa Private Island Lounge, Male Airport

Velaa Lounge Male Airport Review
Velaa Private Island Lounge, Male Airport, Maldives

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Getting to the Velaa Private Island Lounge in Male Airport

If you're arriving into Male Airport (MLE) internationally, Velaa representatives will meet you in the international arrivals area, assist you with checking in for your seaplane flight to Velaa, and then drive you to Velaa's lounge.

I didn't experience the lounge on arrival, as we arrived at Velaa from Joali Maldives, so my visit was on returning from Velaa, while waiting for my international flight. I took a regular seaplane from Velaa, but passed by Velaa's own private seaplane which was docked nearby. Velaa's seaplane offers more spacious seating for 9 guests, rather than the usual 15. At the time of our visit, the cost of a chartered, private one way seaplane transfer to Velaa was $8111 + tax.

Velaa Private Island Seaplane

A Velaa representative assisted with my luggage, loading it into a Velaa van, that drove us a few minutes to the building where the Velaa lounge is located, as it's not in the main seaplane lounge building.

Velaa Private Island Van, Male Airport, Maldives
Velaa Van Interior

Velaa Lounge Male Airport Amenities

Velaa's Lounge at Male Airport is the smallest Male Airport Lounge I've been in, apart from the even tinier Soneva Fushi Lounge. Most of the seating, in the main part of the lounge, is taken up with tables and chairs, so not that relaxing.

Instead, walk to the back of the lounge where there are two day beds available, much more comfortable, especially if you want to recline or lie down for a nap. There's only a view of some buildings, so nothing scenic. Plus, there was someone smoking on the outside balcony, so I didn't venture outdoors.

Velaa Lounge Male Airport Review
Velaa Private Island Lounge, Male Airport, Maldives

The team member staffing Reception asked if I'd like a drink, and I chose a mango juice. It was just from concentrate, not fresh squeezed.

There was a fruit basket with some fresh fruit, but no other food on offer, unlike Cheval Blanc Randheli, which even has a lounge menu. It was a good thing I had some food of my own on me, since given my longish wait, I became hungry while in the lounge.

Mango Juice, Velaa Lounge, Male Airport, Maldives Review

If you want to freshen up, there are a couple of shower rooms. Don't forget to grab a towel, from the rack outside the shower rooms.

Towels, Velaa Lounge, Male Airport Review

The shower room itself was nothing special, and since I'd had a shower right before leaving our Water Villa I didn't bother with it, I just freshened up and brushed my teeth.

Shower Room, Velaa Lounge Male Airport Maldives Review

The Verdict

I was rather disappointed with the Velaa Private Island Lounge at Male Airport, compared to both the Joali Lounge, which was more spacious, with great natural light, new furnishings, and a wonderful ocean view, and compared to the Cheval Blanc Randheli Lounge, which offered the best and most comprehensive food and drink offerings of the three lounges, plus had a great kids' play room.

I realize that most guests will spend little if any time in the lounge, especially as some guests arrive in Male via private jet and have chartered Velaa's own seaplane for the connection to Velaa. Still, I found the lounge lacking compared with the rest of the Velaa experience.

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