Review: The Sushi at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Review: The Sushi at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills


The Sushi is on the Rooftop of the Andaz Tokyo at Toranomon Hills. Currently the restaurant is temporarily closed, due to coronavirus closures in Tokyo.

The SUSHI Location and Hours

The SUSHI is located on the top floor of the Andaz Tokyo, the 52nd floor. If you want to enjoy sushi at the highest point in Tokyo, without being on a flight, this is the place.

Akin to many other sushi bars, there are just 8 sushi bar seats, so advance reservations are highly recommended. It's open 5-10pm daily, with the last order at 9:30pm.

The Sushi itself is a windowless, but don't miss a glimpse of the Tokyo skyline and Tokyo Tower when up on the 52nd floor.

Tokyo Tower view from the 52nd floor, Andaz Tokyo at Toranomon Hills


The Sushi Menu and Food

The Sushi offers two omakase courses, one for JPY 15,000 with 3 appetizers, 3 kinds of sashimi, 10 kinds of sushi, a sushi roll, miso soup, and dessert, and one for JPY 18,000, which is similar except with 5 kinds of sashimi.

There's also an a la carte menu for sushi and rolls, which is what we ordered from.

Menu at The Sushi, Andaz Tokyo at Toranomon Hills


We were provided an oshibori hot towel after being seated, to cleanse our hands, and presented with the menu to peruse.

Oshibori, The Sushi, Andaz Tokyo Review


I ordered an orange juice for my son, and Hojicha, Japanese green tea, for me.

Hojicha Tea, The Sushi at Andaz Tokyo


We started off with a couple of salmon nigiri for my son, which he loved. He's had plenty of salmon sushi over the years, since it's his favorite, but he asserted that these were especially good.

Salmon Sushi at The Sushi, Andaz Tokyo Review


I enjoyed a Medium Fatty Tuna nigiri; I prefer it to Akami, the leanest cut, but also over Toro, which I find too rich.

Medium Fatty Tuna, The Sushi at Andaz Tokyo


Next we enjoyed a couple of pieces of Aji, Horse Mackerel, which were excellent.

Aji Sushi (Horse Mackerel), The Sushi, Andaz Tokyo Review


Hotate (scallop) was good, but unremarkable.

Hotate (Scallop) Sushi, The Sushi, Andaz Tokyo Review


I asked if there was unagi, but it was unavailable, only anago (conger eel), so we ordered an anago cucumber roll, which was very satisfying, with the eel freshly “grilled” using a blow torch.

Anago Cucumber Roll, The Sushi, Andaz Tokyo Review


The most surprising roll for both of us, which we ordered on a whim, was a wonderfully refreshing pickled yam and shiso leaf roll. It, along with some tamago (Japanese omelet) was the perfect way to conclude our light meal.

Pickled Yam and Shiso Leaf Roll, The Sushi at Andaz Tokyo Review


The Verdict

Many of Tokyo's top sushi bars are strictly omakase, charging JPY 25,000-35,000 ($230-320) or more per person for a wonderful array of appetizers and sushi. While The Sushi charges less for its omakase, I really liked that we were able to order a la carte at The Sushi, both because we only wanted a few pieces each, and because it enabled us to order the sushi we enjoy. Also keep in mind that the $100 Hyatt Prive hotel credit can be used for The Sushi; this made our light dinner complimentary.

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