Review: The Club at ATL, Atlanta

The Club at ATL Atlanta Lounge Review-Window Seating

The Club at ATL is the only Atlanta Priority Pass Lounge, surprisingly given that Atlanta (ATL) is the busiest airport in the world in terms of the number of arriving passengers, with nearly 104 million arriving passengers in 2018 per the FAA.

The Club at ATL Location, Hours and Access

The Club at ATL is located in Atlanta's International Terminal (Concourse F) on the mezzanine level, post-security. Fortunately all the concourses at ATL are connected after security, so if you do arrive in another concourse, you can take the Plane Train that connects the concourses, or the underground walkway.

The lounge is open from 6am-10:30pm daily, and in addition to Priority Pass members, Lounge Club, Lounge Key and Diners Club members also have access. Note that these members only have access to the main lounge, and not the left hand side which is only for business class and first class passengers flying on select airlines:

  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
The Club at ATL: Left Hand Side Reserved for International Business Class Passengers Flying BA, Lufthansa, Qatar, Turkish

The Club at ATL Lounge Amenities

My review will focus on the left hand part of the lounge that's available to select international business class passengers, since that's where we were, and also because the main part of the lounge was so jam packed that it was impossible to take any photos there without being intrusive in terms of the passengers seated there.

Initially, we didn't realize we had access to the left hand side of the lounge, because it wasn't explained to us when we checked in and provided our boarding cards. It was a good thing it was available to us, since there simply weren't three seats together for us anywhere in the main part of the lounge.

While the left hand side of the lounge was crowded as well, we were able to find seats by the window.

The Club at ATL-Atlanta Priority Pass Lounge Review

Fortunately there were also some power outlets by the window as well, so that we could charge our devices:

Power Outlet, The Club at ATL

There are a couple shower rooms, although given how crowded the lounge was, I recommend putting your name on the wait list as soon as you check in, to maximize your chance of having access before you have to board your flight. The shower room was clean and perfectly fine on my visit, although bring your own toiletries as none are provided.

Shower Room, The Club at ATL
Shower, The Club at ATL

The Club at ATL Lounge Food and Drink

While there isn't a complimentary buffet that I could see for the main part of the lounge, there is a modest buffet for the left hand side of the lounge, with the offerings described in this menu:

The Club at ATL Menu

I liked that there was fresh salad and cherry tomatoes, as well as apples and oranges:

The Club at ATL Review: Salad
The Club at ATL Review: Oranges and Apples

Rolls and sandwiches weren't anything special, but the chicken pesto one we tried was decent.

The Club at ATL Review: Sandwiches and Rolls
The Club at ATL Review: Salad and Chicken Pesto Sandwich

There was also some vegetable soup:

The Club at ATL Review: Soup

And there were some candies and snacks:

The Club at ATL Review: Snacks and Candies

We primarily stuck with water, to stay hydrated, although my husband had a beer.

The Club at ATL Review: Water and Lemonade

There was also a cocktail list:

Cocktail List, The Club at ATL Review

And of course coffee and tea were also on offer.

Teas, The Club at ATL Review
Espresso Machine, The Club at ATL

The Verdict

For such a busy international airport, it's surprising to me that this is all Atlanta has. I've never flown into or out of Atlanta before, and while I try to avoid spending a lot of time in airline lounges, I'd hate to have Atlanta as my hub if this is the only real international lounge option when not flying Delta.

Keep in mind that the above photos of seating are after we'd been in the lounge for several hours, when most of the passengers had left on other flights. For most of our visit to the lounge, even the left side of the lounge was uncomfortably crowded and noisy, let alone the main part of the lounge where, as I noted, we'd have had to wait around standing for 3 seats together to become available.

That said, I will say that, despite the crowded and noisy conditions, staff did an admirable job, apart from not letting us know when we checked in that we could use the left hand side of the lounge. We were called for our showers about an hour after we checked in and put our name on the list, the shower room was clean, and after we sat down a friendly staff member asked if we wanted anything to drink. He brought the waters we requested within 5 minutes.

If you've visited The Club at ATL recently, what was your experience?

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