Review: SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport

Review-SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport


This Review of the SAS Lounge at Copenhagen Airport is my husband's, from his visit to the lounge after our Denmark site inspection. Stay tuned for his SAS Business Class Review and Video.

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SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport Terminal 3


SAS Lounge Copenhagen Location, Access and Hours

The SAS Lounge at Copenhagen Airport is located in Terminal 3, after security (although be aware that U.S.-bound flights will be subject to additional security at the gate). The SAS Lounge is located across from the entrance to Pier C, and near to Pier D.

The lounge is open weekdays from 5am-11pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 6am-9pm.

There's complimentary access for:

  • SAS Business Class passengers
  • Star Alliance Business Class passengers with a same day Star Alliance boarding pass
  • Star Alliance First Class passengers with a same day Star Alliance boarding pass (each first class passenger may bring in one guest also flying a Star Alliance airline with a same day boarding pass)
  • EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members (they also have access to the SAS Gold Lounge)
  • Star Alliance Gold members flying a Star Alliance airline (they also have access to the SAS Gold Lounge)

Otherwise, entrance costs 210-230 DKK per person.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport Location-Terminal 3


SAS Lounge Copenhagen Amenities

The lounge is large and spacious and has a slightly rustic feel to it.  The lounge is replete with modern and stylish Danish lighting and furniture, of course.

Review: SAS Lounge Copenhagen


There is a dedicated work area, with stools and computer screens and keyboards with internet access, as well as a separate work area with desks.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport Work Desks

Review: SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport-Business Center Computers


There is a separate relaxation room, although the room is very light without shades, so personal eyeshades would be necessary.  There are a few reclining chairs for a quick nap.

Review: SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport-Relaxation Chair

Review: SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport-Relaxation Room


There is an ample selection of magazines, mostly European.

Review: SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport-Magazines


Showers are available as well, with a lovely rain shower fixture.  The water pressure was good and was quite refreshing before my flight.  The only issue I had was that the water was not very warm at all, even at the hottest setting.

Shower Room, SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport Review


SAS Lounge Copenhagen Food and Drink

I liked the very casual, but nicely designed eating area, with group tables for communal meals.  Almost no one was in the lounge so I had a table to myself.  If the lounge had been crowded, the tables would be shared, of course.  This is Denmark, after all.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport Review

The food selection was rather limited: curry soup, pasta salad, smoked whitefish, bread and cheese, and fresh fruit.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Food Review

Review-SAS Lounge CPH-Soup

SAS Lounge CPH Review-Buffet

SAS Lounge Review Copenhagen Airport-Fruit


The curry soup, fish, and pasta were wholesome, but not very flavorful at all.  Overall, the food was very bland, which was disappointing.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Airport Food


There was a choice of apple or orange juice.

Juice, SAS Lounge CPH Review


The cappuccino machine made a barely passable cappuccino.

Espresso Machine, SAS Lounge CPH Review


There was also Carlsberg beer on tap and a selection of wines.

Carlsberg Beer, SAS Lounge CPH Review

Wines, SAS Lounge CPH Review


Departing the Lounge

After leaving the lounge you have to go through passport control and a security check at the gate, for U.S. bound flights, so be sure to leave time ample time.  There was no separate business class boarding by the time I arrived (this was Denmark, where egalitarianism is still hanging on).


The Verdict

Consistent with the Danish spirit, the lounge is very well-designed, with a casual and even rustic feel.  There are no ostentatious flourishes.  I liked this aspect, and felt very comfortable.  And the lounge was quite functional, and covered all the necessities.  On the other hand, the food was quite disappointing, particularly in the context of the delicious food we enjoyed in Copenhagen during our trip.

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