Review: Qatar Airways Business Class A320 Nairobi to Doha

Qatar Airways Business Class A320 NBO-DOH Review

This Qatar Airways A320 Business Class Review is from Nairobi NBO to Doha, about a 6 hour flight.

Qatar A320 Cabin and Seat Selection

Our Qatar Airways A320 had 12 flat bed seats in a 2-2 configuration across 3 rows (note that Qatar also operates A320s with recliner seats). This works well for couples, but not so much for those flying solo, since when the aisle seat has the seat reclined into a flat bed position, it completely blocks passage to the aisle. Your choice in that case is to either choose an aisle seat (knowing that if you put it into bed mode, your seatmate may tap you when s/he wants to get from his/her seat to the aisle) or choose a window seat and put yourself in that position of bothering your seatmate when trying to get to the aisle.

In terms of rows, I recommend the second row (seats 2A and 2C, or seats 2D and 2F), in order to reduce the light and noise from the galley, while also avoiding the last row.

Qatar Airways A320 Business Class Seat Map
Qatar A320 Business Class Seat Map, Image courtesy of SeatGuru

Qatar A320 Business Class Seat

Business Class seats on Qatar's A320 seats are 21 inches wide, compared to 18 inches for Economy seats. Seats are in grey fabric, with a magenta pillow and matching rolled blanket packaged in plastic. Unlike Qatar QSuites Business Class, there's no additional bedding provided (no mattress liner or pillow case) which makes sense, as it's only a 6 hour flight.

Qatar Airways A320 Business Class Review-Seat

Seat controls are intuitive, with just two presets, one for take-off position and the other for flat bed position, although manual adjustments available for the seat back and leg rest, as well the ability to provide greater or less cushion for your lower back.

Qatar A320 Business Class Seat Controls

The ottoman/shelf underneath the IFE screen is a bit wider in row 1, so for taller passengers or those who want a bit more space for their feet, it may be worth selecting row 1, notwithstanding the potential for more light and noise from the galley.

Qatar Business Class A320 Review-Seats 1A 1C

Power outlets on Qatar's A320 are located between the seats, at knee level, similar to Korean Air A330 First Class and Business Class, so the outlets aren't as conveniently placed as with Qsuites or the Zodiac Cirrus seats on Cathay Pacific Business Class, where they're at shoulder level, and easier to reach.

Power Outlets, Qatar A320 Business Class Review

Here's our Qatar A320 Business Class Nairobi to Doha YouTube Video Review:

The Verdict

As with our Qatar A320 Business Class Doha to Zanzibar flight, I thought our Qatar A320 Business Class flight from Nairobi to Doha was very good for a 6 hour international flight to or from Africa. It helped, of course, that there was only one other business class passenger, so the cabin was only 25% full and service was excellent. While 6 hours isn't all that long, I definitely appreciated flat bed seats, since I find that most business class recliner seats aren't comfortable enough after the first couple hours.

Food, as is typical for Qatar Business Class, wasn't anything exceptional, but I do like the way Qatar sets the table, with not only a tablecloth but also individual salt and pepper grinders, a bread basket, and a nicer water glass than you typically find in business class. Appetizers were the highlight–it's hard to mess up smoked salmon if you source a quality producer, and the hummus in my Arabic mezze was very good. My coconut curry had great flavor, although as is often the case, the prawns and broccoli pieces were a bit overcooked. The main disappointment was dessert.

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