Review: Delta One 767 to Hawaii

Review: Delta One 767 to Hawaii

This Review of Delta One 767-300ER Business Class from LAX to Honolulu, Hawaii is part of a new Hawaii trip report, including luxury hotel stays on Oahu, Lanai and Maui.

Delta One 767-300ER Cabin and Best Seats

Delta has a few versions of the 767-300ER, with either 26 or 36 seats. Ours had 26 seats, across 7 rows, although row 7 only has two paired seats in the center, no window seats.

Delta One 767-300ER Cabin

Seats are staggered in a 1-2-1 configuration. Although couples will typically prefer the paired seats together, such as 2B/2C, 3B/3C, etc., my family tends to prefer window seats, so I chose 3A for my husband, 4A for our son and 5A for me. I'd suggest odd numbered window seats, since the seat itself is close to the window, while even numbered window seats have the seat right next to the aisle and hence are more exposed to aisle traffic.

Delta One Seat Map, 767-300ER
Delta One Seat Map, 767-300ER, Image courtesy of SeatGuru

Here's our Delta One 767-300ER YouTube Video Review:

Delta One 767-300ER Seat

Each Delta One seat on the 767-300ER is 21 inches wide, which is similar to a JetBlue Mint business class seat, although narrower than Delta One Suites, which are up to 24 inches wide.

Delta One 767-300ER Seats

At each seat there was a pillow, thin blue blanket, small bottle of Dasani water, and LSTN noise canceling headphones.

Delta One Seat, 767-300ER

There's a button for the tray table next to the seat controls.

Delta One Seat Controls, 767-300ER

I appreciate that the power outlet and headset jack are easily visible, located at elbow level right above the armrest.

Delta One Power Outlet and Headset Jack

The IFE Screen seemed tiny, compared to international business class, where screens are up to 23 inches wide.

Delta One IFE Screen, 767-300ER

Delta One Food

Prior to take-off, we were offered a pre-flight drink, either orange juice or a tropical punch, festively garnished with fresh pineapple and an umbrella.

Delta One Welcome Drinks, LAX-Hawaii

Delta offers meal preordering, although only 3 days prior to the flight. I selected the Creole omelet, instead of oatmeal.

Delta One Breakfast LAX-Hawaii: Creole Omelet

The Verdict

Delta One on the 767-300ER is an old product, although it's not surprising that it's deployed on routes to Hawaii, since it's a leisure market and hence more price sensitive. The seats are narrow, at 21 inches wide, and I've always disliked the cramped footwell inherent in the design of this staggered seat configuration. The seat is very firm, which isn't so much of an issue when being used as a seat, but is uncomfortable as a bed. If wanting to get actual sleep, I'd personally want to bring a portable mattress pad with me.

The served breakfast was fine, although on the small side, and I liked that there were some fresh blueberries as part of the breakfast fruit.

Service was friendly and helpful, notwithstanding the full cabin.

Taking into account the lack of good flat bed business class options between the mainland U.S. and Hawaii, our Delta One experience was our Delta One experience was perfectly fine, if not memorable.

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