Review: British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK Terminal 7

Review-British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK T7


This Review of the British Airways Galleries Lounge at JFK Terminal 7 is my husband's, prior to his ANA First Class Flight to Japan. Normally he would have had access to the British Airways First Class Lounge, but that lounge is undergoing renovation (much needed, based on my review of that lounge last year).

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British Airways Galleries Lounge at New York JFK Terminal 7 Access and Hours

The British Airways First Class Lounge at New York JFK Terminal 7 is located after security. After clearing security, go up the escalators and immediately turn left to go up another set of small escalators. The lounge is open daily from 5am to 10pm.

The following passengers have access:

  • Passengers flying Business Class or First Class on British Airways, ANA, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas
  • British Airways Executive Club Silver and Gold members in any class of service, plus one guest
  • oneworld Emerald and Sapphire elite frequent flyers flying on a oneworld flight in any class of service

Flowers and Fruit, BA Galleries Lounge JFK T7


Here's my husband's video of the British Airways Galleries Lounge:


British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK Amenities

I arrived at JFK in the morning for my flight to Tokyo.  Because the British Airways First Class lounge at JFK was closed for renovation, I was instead only able to use the British Airways Galleries business class lounge.  I suppose that because of the morning time, the lounge was relatively empty. 

Seating, BA Galleries Lounge JFK, T7


If sitting at the bar, I recommend choosing the end seat, which is convenient to power outlets.

Review-BA Galleries Lounge JFK Seating


The British Airways Galleries lounge is quite large and spacious, and felt even more so because there were so few people there.  There is a rather elegant fountain in the center of the lounge, and near the buffet was a flower display with some whole fresh fruit. I became quite hopeful that I would have a superior lounge experience.

Review-British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK Terminal 7 - Fountain


The lounge bathrooms were very ordinary, and needed some cleaning. There are showers, which you can see a lounge attendant to use.

There was a kids’ club, which would have been useful had I been traveling with kids.  Except that the space was virtually empty, holding little except for a wall-mounted television screen for cartoons, a few wall-mounted wire maze toys for toddlers.  It was strange to see a kids’ club that was so barren of toys or amusements. 

Review-BA Galleries Lounge JFK Terminal 7 - Kids' Play Room


British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK Food, Breakfast

I was hungry for breakfast, and so I explored the food options.  I was rather disappointed.  The oatmeal looked as if it had been sitting untouched for hours and had separated into clumps of oatmeal and a thin, gray, watery liquid.  The pastry selection was very limited, with just a few stale croissants, and some plastic-wrapped pastries. 

Review-BA Galleries Lounge JFK Terminal 7 - Pastries

Review-British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK Terminal 7 - Plastic Wrapped Pastries


The best buffet items were probably the yogurt and the cereal, as the cut fruit looked rather picked over.

Review-British Airways Galleries Lounge - Yogurt and Fruit

Cereal, BA Galleries Lounge JFK Review


I chose some yogurt and granola, with cranberry juice (apple, orange, and grapefruit were also available). 

Breakfast at British Airways Galleries Lounge, JFK T7

Juices, BA Galleries Lounge JFK Review


Overall, the food was very mediocre, and the selection was worse.  At least the cappuccino machine produced a status quo cappuccino.

Espresso Machine, BA Galleries Lounge, JFK Review


On the other hand, there was a well-stocked bar.  But it was too early for me to indulge.

Liquor, BA Galleries Lounge JFK Review


The JFK British Airways Business Class lounge occupies a large, excellent space.  Sadly, almost nothing else recommends it.  All of the amenities could use an upgrade, especially the food.


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setsuko strobl
setsuko strobl
5 years ago

Thank you for the info.
I totally agree with you as I have used this lounge several times.
I will be flying tomorrow to Tokyo so I will be using this space tomorrow.
The place is big and quiet but as you said the food is nothing special!