New Global Entry Web Site: Create a New Account

New Global Entry Web Site: Create a New Account


A New Global Entry Web Site means you must create a new account, even if you have an existing GOES ID. The GOES ID will no longer allow you to access the Trusted Traveler Programs site or update your Global Entry data.

I'm a huge fan of Global Entry, and have saved many hours of standing in line both via TSA PreCheck expedited security screening (which you're eligible for, if flying an airline that participates, and if the TSA PreCheck line is open) and via expedited re-entry to the U.S. using the Global Entry kiosks.

Fortunately, creating the new account is simple enough:

1. Go to the new U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Programs site and then to the Get Started screen.

2. You'll be prompted to click the blue Create an Account button

New Global Entry Site: Create a New Account


3. Next, enter the email address you want to use to login and receive Global Entry communciations at.


4. You'll also need to set up a password and provide a phone number, where you'll receive a one time security code each time you login.

New Global Entry Site: Create a New Account


5. After setting up your new account, you'll also need to create an Account Profile. 

Create Your New Account Profile


At the bottom, you'll be prompted to enter your existing PASSID (your Known Traveler Number), which is a 9 digit number on the back of your Global Entry card.

Provide Your PASSID / Known Traveler Number to Set Up Your Account


Since my Global Entry will be expiring within the next year, I also took the opportunity to renew my Global Entry membership, as well as request an APEC Business Travel Card, for $70. I paid with my Chase Sapphire Reserve card, which will cover the $100 Global Entry renewal fee, although not of course the APEC Business Travel card fee.

Have you created your new account to manage and renew your Global Entry membership?

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