Mahout Experience at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp

Mahout Experience, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp


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Please note: A future post will cover Anantara's Dining by Design dinner at the Baby Elephant Camp

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It's no surprise that the most popular activity at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort is the Mahout Experience, where you're taken to the Elephant Camp, learn some of the basic Thai voice commands, how to mount and dismount an elephant, trek along nature trails, and even bathe your elephant in the river. 
Since my husband was recovering from an illness, it was just the munchkin, me, and a Thai couple on the morning of our Mahout Experience. Already in our room were a pair of mahout trousers for me, with directions for how to put them on and tie the belt to hold them up, as well as a smaller version with elastic waist that fit my son perfectly.
Mahout Trousers, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp
At the Elephant Camp, we got to see the youngest baby elephant, Nong Sam, less than a year old. I couldn't get a good photo of him, so I'll include one from Anantara as well, taken soon after he was born. Even though at his age he was only drinking milk from his mother, he loved practicing using his trunk to pick up plants. As our mahout explained, he was copying his mother, even though he couldn't yet eat any of the plants he picked up.
Baby Elephant Nong Sam, Anantara Golden Triangle
Soon we were learning how to mount and dismount our elephant. There was a rope we grasped with our left hand, while putting our right foot on the elephants knee (after saying “song soong” asking the elephant to lift its leg) and hoisting ourselves up. Naturally we all were thankful for the mahouts' help, since it wasn't the easiest thing to do first time round!
Mahout Experience at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp-Climbing Up on Elephant
Incredibly, to me at least, the munchkin was up there by himself, with no mahout. I was initially a little worried he might fall off, but apparently the mahouts knew his abilities better than I did (or he was lucky) since he stayed put the entire time he was up there by himself.
Munchkin on ThangMo, Mahout Experience at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp
Although I don't remember all of the commands, a few of the key ones in addition to “Song soong” were:
  • Bai = Go 
  • Baen = Turn (accompanied by nudging the elephant behind the opposite ear from the direction you want the elephant to turn)
  • Hau = Stop
  • Tag Long = Get down from the front of the elephant (the elephant lowers his/her head)
Munchkin Trying to Regain His Balance After Getting Back on ThangMo
I was on an elephant named Lanna, while my son was on ThangMo (which means watermelon in Thai). You sit on the neck of the elephant, with your feet behind the ears. I was surprised by how hairy our elephants were on the top of their heads, as I'd thought only baby elephants were hairy. 
We took a group photo with our elephants, before setting off for our nature walk:
Mahout Experience, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp
Leaving the Elephant Camp, we made a large loop around the resort, enjoying the steady rhythm and peacefulness of the forest on our walk.
Setting Off on Our Nature Walk, Mahout Experience
The highlight, including for the elephants, was a river bath. It was a little precarious descending down the river bank, so we were instructed to hold onto the rope behind us, and thankfully each elephant's mahout also accompanied us to ensure there were no casualties 🙂 
Descending the River Bank for Elephant Bathing, Anantara Mahout Experience
Now was when the elephants' personalities really emerged–I'm convinced I had the most mischievous elephant, as she delighted in showering me at least 8 times, while my son giggled at how drenched I was getting.
Elephant Drenching Me, Mahout Experience, Anantara Golden Triangle
We later joked that if I had the most mischievous elephant, ThangMo was the perfect match for my son, and was the “munchkin” elephant, since she seemed to pause every chance she got for some food. Elephants apparently have to spend about 17-19 hours a day eating, so never once did we see any of the elephants decline food.
About two hours after starting our mahout experience we arrived back at the entrance of the Anantara, still damp and a bit muddy from the river but happy and exhilarated.
End of our Mahout Experience, Anantara Golden Triangle
Have you tried an elephant mahout experience?

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