Laucala Island Activities: Top 10 Things to Do

Laucala Island Activities: Top 10 Things to Do


This Laucala Island Activities post covers top things to do at this private island in Fiji, owned by the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz. Curious about getting there, the villas, and dining? See my prior posts:

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Certainly you'll enjoy Laucala more if it's sunny, with blue skies, and for this reason I recommend planning your visit for the drier months of May-September. That's not to say that you can't have clear days other times of year, or that you're guaranteed to avoid rain during the summer months (we had a day of pouring rain even during our August visit) but the odds are better.

1. Spot Dolphins

I've always wanted to see dolphins in the wild, and somehow, even though we've been quite a few places where there are dolphins (the Maldives several times, Akaroa in New Zealand, Bora Bora) fate had conspired against me…until Laucala. We were on a snorkeling trip, when the Captain and our snorkeling guide spotted them. It was magical to see an entire pod, of perhaps 15-20 or more dolphins:


2. Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

You can't go to Laucala and not go scuba diving or at least snorkeling. All water activities within the inner reef, including scuba diving within the inner reef, are complimentary. And we enjoyed seeing a number of coral types we'd never seen before. I will say that in terms of variety and abundance of marine life, I thought the Maldives were a bit better, but the coral unquestionably was in better shape in Fiji. And if you have more time than we did, be sure to book a trip to the White Wall and Rainbow Reef, even though this is at additional cost. 

Laucala: Ready for a Snorkeling Trip


3. Try the Deepflight Submarine

Most billionaires might not be too keen to have you try out their cool technology toys, but Mr. Mateschitz is apparently the generous sort. As a guest of Laucala, you can take a ride in his Deepflight Submarine (adorned with Red Bull's logo of course)–the resort calls it “scuba diving without getting wet.” Keep in mind this is a two person submarine, with just the pilot and you in different compartments, so it's a solo affair, and not for the too tall (my 6'5″ husband found it uncomfortable) or the claustrophobic. But it is very cool to experience.

Here's the photo I posted on TravelSort's Instagram account as the submarine begins to submerge:

Laucala Top 10 Things to Do: DeepFlight Submarine


4. Relax with a Complimentary Welcome Massage

I'm not usually much of a spa person, but I certainly won't say no to a complimentary welcome massage. That said, there was so much else to do on the island that I ended up having mine on our last day, before departing. My therapist couldn't have been kinder, and she immediately noticed all of the knots in my upper back and neck, which she patiently worked on until I felt 10 times better. My husband similarly raved about his massage experience. 

Laucala Spa


5. Try Horseback Riding

My son and I both tried horseback riding for the first time at Laucala, on our patient Fijian horses, who are a sturdy crossbreed of the Australian Thoroughbred and British Clydesdale. There are eight horses, so whether you're a complete novice, as I am, or an experienced rider, you'll be able to have an enjoyable ride and explore the island from a new perspective.

Horseback Riding, Laucala


6. Savor a Fijian Dinner and Cultural Evening

While we were unlucky with weather our first full day, when it rained all day, that didn't stop Laucala from hosting a Fijian dinner and cultural evening. We were welcomed with beautifully harmonized singing, and treated to a Fijian kava ceremony, local dance performances, and sumptuous Fijian dinner afterwards.



7. Take a Cooking or Pastry Class

If you do happen to have a rainy day, don't fret–it's the perfect chance to enjoy a cooking or pastry class, which is a popular activity at Laucala. Learn how to make Fijian dishes such as Kokoda (Fijian ceviche), your favorite Thai curry, French classics, or your favorite pastry or dessert.

Cooking with Pastry Chef Lucas, Laucala


8. Have a Swim in the Largest Pool in the Southern Hemisphere

Laucala's iconic rectangular pool is a favorite for adults and kids alike, and from it you can jump into the free form pool, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Swim towards the beach for beautiful views, or wander over to the Beach Bar for the perfectly mixed cold drink.

Joy = Jumping into Laucala's Pool


9. Go Golfing or Putting

Laucala offers an 18 hole, par-72 golf course designed by David McLay Kidd that takes full advantage of the island's lush greenery, original coconut plantation, and ocean views. Enjoy the guidance of a golf pro if you'd like assistance improving your swing.

Golfing at Laucala


10. Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset and Star Gazing

Don't miss short but beautiful sunsets, followed by gazing at a clear night sky full of stars. It may look a bit different than you're used to, if you're not resident in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sunset at Laucala


Which Laucala activities would be your favorite?

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