JetBlue Mint: The Cheapest Routes (and the Most Expensive)

JetBlue Mint-Cheapest Routes


JetBlue Mint Business Class is one of the best flat bed business class products in the domestic U.S., but there's a huge variation in the amount you may pay, even for the same route. Take Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK: you could be paying anywhere from $759 to $1609 each way, depending on the day and time you fly and how many seats have already been booked.

When JetBlue Mint Private Suites were first launched on the lucrative transcon NYC to LAX and NYC to SFO routes over 4 years ago, the price was $499 each way for the lowest fare. The lowest fare I could find is for $559, booked far in advance, between SFO and JFK.

But if you're in Boston or Seattle, the good news is that you have a better chance of snagging lower fares. Here are examples of some of the best fares I found recently:

Boston to San Francisco SFO / SFO to Boston: As Low as $399

Best Chance of Getting the $399 Fare:

  • 6:55am or 7:02am BOS-SFO flight (Flight 133), especially on Saturdays
  • 9:09am SFO-BOS flight (Flight 434) on Saturdays

JetBlue Mint-BOS-SFO for $399

Boston to Seattle / Seattle to Boston: As Low as $449

Best Chance of Getting the $449 Fare:

  • At time of writing (Feb. 14, 2018) most days and times booked well in advance offer the $449 fare. If that fare bucket is sold out, the fare will be $549 or more.


Boston to San Diego / San Diego to Boston: As Low as $499

Best Chance of Getting the $499 Fare:

  • As of time of writing, many BOS-SAN flights (there are 3 nonstops daily) have the $499 fare, when booking well in advance


Seattle to JFK / JFK to Seattle: As Low as $534, from late April

Best Chance of Getting the $534 Fare:

  • 10:42am JFK-SEA flight (Flight 263) on Saturdays
  • 2:41pm SEA-JFK (Flight 464) and 10:27pm SEA-JFK (Flight 264) on Saturdays

JetBlue Mint-SEA-JFK

JFK to SFO / SFO to JFK: As Low as $559

Best Chance of Getting the $559 Fare:

  • Book far in advance to snag the lowest fare, which is likely to be for Saturday flights.

JFK to SFO for $559


The Most Expensive Mint Routes

Unsurprisingly, JetBlue Mint during Spring Break to the Caribbean is mostly sold out or very expensive. For example:

  • JFK-St. Lucia UVF, a 4 hour 25 min. flight, is currently over $2000 per person one way on March 17

JetBlue Mint-JFK-St Lucia UVF for over $2000


LAX to JFK and JFK to LAX can be particularly expensive close to the date of travel.

  • It's over $1600 per person for the earliest LAX-JFK flights this Friday, Feb. 16:

JetBlue Mint-LAX-JFK


SFO to JFK and JFK to SFO can also be expensive when it's down to the last seat:

  • SFO-JFK is over $1300 for all JetBlue Mint flights this Friday, Feb. 16:

JetBlue Mint-SFO-JFK


If you've flown JetBlue Mint, how much did you pay for the flight?

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