Dear JetBlue Flight Crew: Please Enforce Your Face Mask Policy

JetBlue Flight Crew: Please Enforce Your Face Mask Policy


JetBlue's Face Mask Policy is Unequivocal: All crew members and passengers 2 years and older must wear a face covering or mask that completely covers their nose and mouth, during their entire journey, including inside the airport and for the duration of the flight. This is similar to most U.S. airline face mask policies (see Face Mask Policy: United, AA, Delta, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines).

Yet on our recent JetBlue flight, there were a couple passengers near us who wore their mask to only cover their mouth, not their nose. Since per JetBlue's own policy, the mask must cover both the mouth and nose, we pointed this out to a JetBlue crew member, expecting her to instruct the passenger that was near us to wear his mask properly.

Instead, she conferred with another crew member for awhile, before returning to us and saying “the tip of his nose is covered” (which it wasn't). Flight crew are the final arbiters of this, so we gave up and said nothing more.

Later on in the flight, I saw the same flight crew member at the front of the aircraft with her mask dangling from one ear, not covering her mouth or nose at all. No wonder she wasn't keen to actually enforce JetBlue's face mask policy–she wasn't even wearing her own mask correctly. She did eventually put it back on properly for the end of the flight.

Now, if a U.S. airline doesn't want to have a face mask policy, it doesn't have to–there's no federal or FAA face mask mandate. Passengers can then reorient their business so that anti-maskers fly on the airline with no mask mandate, while most passengers will likely opt for an airline that does require face masks (currently all major U.S. airlines).

But if an airline does have a face mask mandate, that's something that passengers rely on, so JetBlue: please train your flight crew on correct face mask usage and enforce it.

If you've flown recently, did you notice any flight crew not wearing a face mask correctly or not instructing passengers to wear face masks correctly? Which airline was it?

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2 years ago

Jet blue is notorious at this point for PR bullshit about mask policy but routinely not enforcing their policies. Just got off a flight with maskless people and I’m very upset about it. Not what I paid for in a 7.5hr flight.