Japan Entry Requirements 2023

Japan Entry Requirements 2023


What are Japan's Entry Requirements in 2023? Japan reopened to independent travelers in October 2022, but there can still be some confusion about what is now required for entry, and what to do when. Note that you won't have to enter Japan if you're transiting airside, but if you have to transfer from Tokyo Narita to Tokyo Haneda, you'll obviously have to undergo immigration/customs, and similarly, you'll need to clear immigration/customs if your transit requires an overnight at Narita or Haneda. Also be sure to bring your original CDC vaccine card as you could be required to present it for inspection.


COVID-19 Vaccination or Test?

Visitors are required to either be fully vaccinated (Japan considers full vaccination to be the original vaccine course as well as a booster dose, so for those vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna, this means three doses) or if not fully vaccinated, to have a negative result from a PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival.


Visit Japan Web

We suggest completing the Visit Japan Web app a couple weeks or more prior to visiting, in case of any problems using the app.

1. Register on the Visit Japan Web site. Note that your password must be ten characters. The site will email a code to your email to verify it; enter the code to complete your registration

2. Login to the Visit Japan Web site and create your trip. Enter in your flight arrival details, including the first hotel you'll be staying at. The ward or prefecture within a city is usually designated with “ku” so if you're staying at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, for example, you'd select “Minato-ku.”

3. After creating your trip, tap on it to complete the three sections: Quarantine, Immigration, and Customs. Note that while there are no longer health questions in the quarantine section, you should still use it to upload your CDC vaccine card (you can use the app to take a photo of it and upload it).


4. You won't receive a QR code for the Quarantine section, but you will generate a QR code for both the Immigration and Customs sections. Save screenshots of these sections to your phone, in case of slow or spotty WiFi at the airport in Japan.

5. Once your flight arrives in Japan, expect to show your Quarantine/Fast Track screen (should be pink) or screenshot on the jet bridge; you may be given a paper after your screen is inspected. Next, Immigration will scan your Immigration QR code and check your passport and fingerprints, as well as photograph you. For Customs, visit the kiosk, scan your passport and customs QR code, and have your photo taken again, for facial recognition purposes. You will NOT receive a paper from the kiosk. Finally, retrieve your checked luggage, if any, and proceed through the E-gates.

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