Do Hyatt Privé Upgrades Include Premium Suites?

Do Hyatt Privé Upgrades Include Premium Suites?


Do Hyatt Privé Upgrades Include Premium Suites? TravelSort reader Paul writes “I'm a Hyatt Globalist, so I figured that there wouldn't be any additional benefits by booking with Hyatt Privé, but I found on your Hyatt Privé Benefits page that there's a $100 per stay credit, so that's something I wouldn't get as a Globalist. My question though is about the confirmed upgrades; can a Hyatt Privé upgrade be into a premium suite if I book a standard suite one category below it?”

Great question. As Paul knows from being a Hyatt Globalist, Globalist upgrades at check-in are into the best available room, including standard suites, but not including premium suites.

The Hyatt Privé benefits, which can be enjoyed by any travelers (not just Hyatt elites) that reserve with TravelSort or another Hyatt Privé travel agency, include the opportunity to confirm a one-category upgrade at time of booking, if the forecasted hotel occupancy is lower than ~95%. The one-category confirmed upgrade is room to room or suite to suite, and does not include premium suites.

That said, depending on the property, we've sometimes been able to have our Hyatt Privé clients, including non-Globalists, upgraded into a premium suite at time of check-in.

For example, recently we had a client stay at a Park Hyatt property in a suite that's ~$3000 per night. We arranged with the property that if the presidential suite wasn't booked, the client would be upgraded to it. Fortunately no one reserved it, and the client enjoyed a $5000 per night suite.


Globalists also enjoy other benefits by booking with Hyatt Privé:

  • $100 per stay hotel credit (which Paul mentioned)
  • Early check-in priority, guaranteed in advance (subject to forecast occupancy; earliest check-in possible is 9am)
  • Late check-out priority, guaranteed in advance (subject to forecast occupancy; latest check-out possible is 4pm)

Hyatt Privé guests also enjoy daily breakfast for two guests per room, although Globalists already enjoy their own breakfast benefit.

What's the nicest Hyatt Privé suite upgrade you've ever received?

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