How Long to Renew a US Passport?

How Long to Renew a US Passport?


How Long is the Wait When Renewing a U.S. Passport? Is it worth paying for expedited processing? With heavy travel demand post-pandemic, many people find themselves renewing a passport in order to travel abroad, so in some parts of the country, it's been challenging to get an appointment. While we've written about renewing a U.S. passport online, this isn't an option for children, who need to apply in person with their parents.

Regular vs. Expedited Passport Processing Times

The State Department advises paying the $60 fee for expedited passport processing if your international travel date is in the next 4-6 weeks. That fee does not include optional express delivery (cost varies depending where you are in the country) or express 1-2 day return delivery, which costs an additional $18.32.

When not paying for expedited service, routine processing times are 7-10 weeks.


Recent Expedited Processing Time Examples

~2 weeks:

  • 9/6/22: Sent renewal form and passport via USPS Priority mail
  • 9/21/22: Received new passport

Also ~2 weeks:

  • 9/19/22: Sent renewal form and passport via USPS Express mail
  • 10/4/22: Received new passport

3.5 Weeks with Expedited Processing and Express Delivery

  • 9/27/22: Sent application via USPS Priority Mail
  • 10/21/22: Received new passport


Routine Processing Time Examples

>6 weeks for child renewal:

  • 9/8/22: Child's renewal application sent (regular mail)
  • 10/19/22: Approved
  • 10/22/22: Received new passport

<2 weeks for adult renewal, paid for fast delivery

  • 10/7/22: Renewed passport online
  • 10/19/22: Received new passport


If you're eligible to renew your passport online, we highly recommend doing so, since one of the routine processing examples with online renewal took less than two weeks. If you're like us and renewing a child's passport, be sure to leave ample time if opting for routine processing. We received our son's passport in just over 6 weeks, which is still less than the 7-10 week routine processing time, but triple the time it took for the person who was able to renew online. Don't forget to update your Global Entry account with your new passport number.

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