Hawaiian Airlines COVID-19 Testing via Vault Health

Hawaiian Airlines COVID-19 Testing Vault Health


Hawaiian Airlines COVID-19 PCR Testing Will Include an At-Home Saliva Test Option via Vault Health, similar to the JetBlue COVID-19 PCR Test that Vault Health also provides.

This is an important coronavirus testing option, given that Hawaiian Airlines' drive-through coronavirus testing will initially only be offered near Los Angeles LAX and San Francisco SFO airports. This at home collection option, supervised by a Vault Health professional, provides travelers across the U.S. the ability to get tested within the 72 hours before their Hawaiian Airlines flight, avoiding Hawaii's mandatory 14-day quarantine.


But Will Vault Health Provide Test Results in Time?

A key wrinkle is that Vault Health, at least for its normal COVID-19 test, including the one offered to JetBlue passengers, only commits to providing test results within 72 hours of the lab receiving the saliva sample. But Hawaii's October 15 reopening requires a negative COVID-19 test result from a sample obtained within the 72 hours prior to the time of the final flight to Hawaii.

Fortunately, Hawaiian Airlines and Vault Health have negotiated that test results for Hawaiian Airlines passengers should be made available electronically within 24 hours of the lab receiving the saliva sample. The Vault test kit itself can be ordered anytime, so we highly recommend that our clients flying to Hawaii order it well before they need it, and also that if possible, they fly to Hawaii on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, since there could be a delay in processing test results over the weekend. Shipping is expedited, so if sending your saliva sample on Monday, the lab should receive it Tuesday, and you should receive your test results on Wednesday.


What is the Cost of the Hawaiian Airlines/Vault Health COVID-19 Test?

Since the agreement with Hawaiian necessitates a 24 hour turnaround for lab results, there is no discount for Hawaiian Airlines passengers, unlike for JetBlue, where the results may take longer. The prices is $150 per person.


What Happens If Test Results Haven't Been Received Prior to My Flight?

You'll still be allowed to board your flight to Hawaii, but you must stay inside your hotel room until you a) receive a negative COVID-19 PCR test result (which you'll then upload to your Hawaii Safe Travels account) and b) you have received a confirmation from the Hawaii State Department of Health that your name has been removed from the quarantine list.


What About Interisland Travel?

At least through October 31, 2020 and possibly longer, there is still a 14-day mandatory quarantine on all inter-island travel, with the exception of arrivals to Honolulu from one of the other islands.

This means that it's impossible to island hop among the outer islands, such as Maui and Kauai or Maui and the Big Island, etc. The only option would be to first visit one of the outer islands (it's permitted to transit Honolulu Airport HNL, as long as you don't leave the airport), say by staying first on Maui, and then spend the last part of one's stay on Oahu before returning to the mainland.

Do you plan to take a Vault Health COVID-19 at-home saliva test either prior to a Hawaiian Airlines or JetBlue flight?

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3 years ago

We were looking at flying from Denver to Honolulu (not leaving airport) and straight to Lihue. Stay in lihue for 6 days. Then Fly to Maui & stay for 6 day. Then fly to Honolulu (not leaving airport) & fly to chicago. Is this OK to do?

3 years ago

Forgot to mention we arrive October 17. Do that change anything?