Hawaiian Airlines 787-9 Business Class Leihoku Suite Routes, 2024

Hawaiian Airlines 787 Business Class Leihoku Suite


Post Updated 2/24/24 with latest 787-9 flight dates and times

Hawaiian Airlines' 787-9 Business Class Leihoku Suites with closing suite doors will launch on select Dreamliner routes on April 16, 2024, a vast improvement from the current subpar Hawaiian Airlines A330 First Class with its 2-2-2 seating configuration. Hawaiian Airlines is now selling tickets for these flights:

San Francisco SFO to/from Honolulu HNL, April 16-May 14, 2024

  • Depart SFO 9:10am, Arrive HNL 11:40am (HA 11)
  • Depart HNL 1:20pm, Arrive SFO 9:25pm (HA 12)

Los Angeles LAX to/from Honolulu HNL, May 15-end of schedule

  • Depart LAX 9:50am, Arrive HNL 12:25pm (HA 3)
  • Depart HNL 1:30pm, Arrive LAX 9:45pm (HA 2, May 15-September 6)
  • Depart HNL 2:55pm, Arrive LAX 11:15pm (HA 2, September 7-November 2)
  • Depart HNL 3:25pm, Arrive LAX 10:50pm (HA 2, November 3-end of schedule)

Phoenix PHX to/from Honolulu HNL, May 16-Oct. 14, 2024

  • Depart PHX 8:00am, Arrive HNL 11:15am (HA35, May 16-23)
  • Depart PHX 8:20am, Arrive HNL 11:35am (HA35, May 24-Sep. 7)
  • Depart PHX 7:40am, Arrive HNL 11:15am (HA35, Sep. 8-Oct. 4)
  • Depart PHX 7:20am, Arrive HNL 11am (HA35, Oct. 5-14)
  • Depart HNL 2:15pm, Arrive PHX 10:59pm (HA36, May 16-Sep. 6)
  • Depart HNL 10:25am, Arrive PHX 7:20pm (HA36, Sep. 7-Oct. 14))

Los Angeles LAX to/from Maui OGG (September 8, 2024-end of schedule)

  • Depart LAX 8am, Arrive OGG 10:35am (HA 33)
  • Depart OGG 12:25pm, Arrive LAX 8:30pm (HA 24)


The 787-9 Dreamliner will have 34 business class seats out of 300 suites total, nearly doubling the share of business class to over 11%, compared to the 18 premium seats on the A330-200, only 6.5% of the seats.

Hawaiian Airlines 787 Business Class Leihoku Suites


The new suites are a customized version of the Ascent seats manufactured by Adient Aerospace, the same ones chosen by Qatar for its 787-9 Business Class Suite and by American Airlines on future 787-9 orders. The seats are in a 1-2-1 herringbone configuration, each with direct aisle access. Window seats are angled toward the window, while paired honeymoon seats angle away from each other toward the aisle, the opposite of JAL 787-9 Sky Suite III Business Class, which angles paired seats toward each other and away from the aisle. While the advantage is that one's head is further away from the aisle, it's potentially more awkward, even with the privacy divider, to have one's head so close to a stranger's if you're flying solo and don't manage to snag a window seat. On the other hand, for couples traveling together, it's also not as easy to have eye contact, given that the seats angle away from each other.

A privacy divider between the paired seats can be lowered for couples and travel partners, or raised for those not traveling together. Other amenities include an 18 inch in-flight entertainment screen, power outlets below a small storage unit.

Hawaiian Airlines 787 Business Class Leihoku Suites Storage Compartment and Power Outlets


The 787-9 Dreamliner offers enhanced cabin air filtration (helpful at filtering out not only allergens and viruses, but also volatile organic compounds that can dry out and adversely affect passengers), and its carbon-fiber composite airframe permits travel at a lower cabin altitude, and this lower altitude typically makes for a more comfortable flight, without the mild altitude sickness and headaches common at higher altitudes. The cabin also has greater humidity, 6-7% vs. the typical 2% of earlier generation largely aluminum aircraft. Guests will also notice a quiet cabin thanks to acoustic-treated engine inlets, as well as extra-large, dimmable windows, spacious overhead bins and lavatory toilets and faucets with touchless activation.

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