Hawaii COVID-19 Testing Update

Hawaii COVID-19 Testing Update


Hawaii's COVID-19 Testing Requirement has Several Updates that are key to keep in mind if you're planning a visit to the Aloha State. Effective November 24, 2020, Hawaii is requiring a negative COVID-19 test result *before* boarding the flight to Hawaii. If your result is pending, you'll have to quarantine for 14 days, even if you subsequently learn that your test result is negative.

Also, for those travelers whose travel plans include Kauai, keep in mind that Kauai is opting out of Hawaii effective December 2, 2020. This means that all arrivals to Kauai, both trans-Pacific and interisland, must quarantine for 14 days, even if you have a negative COVID-19 test result. For this reason, unless you're a long stay visitor to Kauai and are fine with a 14 day quarantine, you'll want to avoid traveling to Kauai while this remains in effect.

Use Testing Services That Guarantee Quick Test Result Turnarounds

Given Hawaii's new requirement that you receive a negative test result before boarding the flight, it's crucial that visitors use a testing service that guarantees a quick turnaround. Unfortunately, that means that some of the State of Hawaii's COVID-19 testing partners aren't ideal. For example, CVS says it typically returns results in 3-4 days but high demand at its labs (which is currently the case) can lead to turnaround delays.

Our Vault Health COVID-19 Test Review has received so many comments from travelers who have experienced delays, poor customer service, or both from Vault Health that we've stopped recommending it for Hawaii travel. If you have no better option than Vault Health in your area, consider postponing your Hawaii trip. If you must use Vault Health, be sure to write “STAT Hawaii” on the inside box and on the shipping bag, to try to get Vault to prioritize your test results.

A better bet for Hawaiian Airlines passengers flying from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas is likely to be the Worksite Labs drive-through testing option, which is supposed to provide results back within 36 hours.

Other Hawaii test partners that have had better reviews than Vault in terms of timeliness include Discovery Health, GoHealth Urgent Care, and Clarity Lab Solutions.

If you've recently gotten a COVID-19 test prior to flying to Hawaii, which provider did you use, and how long did it take to receive your test results?

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3 years ago

Greetings from my Hawaiian home, Hilary, where I am in quarantine. My test results didn’t come back in time. It was so hard to find an open slot for testing within 72 hours, and I was so desperate that I overlooked the fact that FastMed (an urgent care facility) wasn’t an approved provider. A moot point since results were late anyway. So my week’s stay will be on the lanai where I can at least SEE the ocean!!!