Hawaii: Take Coronavirus Test to Be Exempt from Quarantine

Hawaii: Coronavirus Test to Be Exempt from Quarantine


Hawaii May Urge Travelers to Get a Negative Coronavirus Test Prior to Flying to Hawaii, or risk spending 14 days in a state controlled quarantine facility. Hawaii Representatives Gene Ward and Bob McDermott have recommended the following to the Hawaii Governor and Legislature:

  • Request all Hawaii-bound passengers to get a rapid test for coronavirus within 72 hours of departure.
  • Only passengers with a negative result would be permitted to board; those testing positive for coronavirus would need to reschedule their travel or seek a refund or travel credit.
  • Travelers will be notified that if they do not get tested prior to travel, they may be forced into quarantine for 14 days (or until their return flight, if it is within the 14 days).
  • Travelers will complete travel declaration forms in-flight that include their contact details.
  • Travelers who have not gotten a negative coronavirus test prior to their flight will be given an opportunity to obtain a COVID-19 test at the airport in Hawaii. If positive, they will be quarantined.
  • The Hawaii Airport coronavirus testing will be supervised by the Hawaii National Guard
  • The quarantine will NOT be at a hotel, rental or residence. Instead, coronavirus positive passengers and returning Hawaii residents, as well as those who declined to be tested, would be bused to a Quarantine Hotel set up for the purpose. They would receive 3 meals a day and would be free to walk around the property, but not be able to leave (except for a return flight home) for 14 days. The state will pay for and enforce the quarantine.

While Hawaii, as a U.S. state and not a separate country, cannot require arrivals to take a coronavirus test, it can enforce a quarantine for public health reasons on those who decline to be tested.

The above plan (and other feasible ones) aren't foolproof, since it's possible that one could get a false negative with the coronavirus test, or test negative but subsequently get infected in the hours prior to one's flight to Hawaii.

Still, as someone originally from Hawaii, I'm happy to see a plan put forward that would seek to reduce potential imported cases of coronavirus in Hawaii, while allowing travel and tourism, a mainstay of the islands' economy, to open back up to visitors who share Hawaii's goal of keeping the state largely free of coronavirus. It's a goal similar to that of Iceland, which aims to open to international arrivals from June 15, with all visitors subject to a complimentary coronavirus test.

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So I can get a free “vacation” to Hawaii by refusing to test, therefore getting free meals and lodging?


How do you become exempt from quarantine upon travel to Hawaii? I am flying there to help my immobile mother put her house on the market and start packing and selling things – to move her to the Mainland. The only time I can go is July 9-31. Is this still a possibility to be exempt by taking a test prior to arriving? I guess I just don’t know where to look or who to contact since I do not live there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!