Get Mileage Credit Without a Boarding Pass?

Get Mileage Credit Without a Boarding Pass?

Can you get mileage credit without a boarding pass?

TravelSort reader Keith writes “I recently took a paid Turkish Airlines flight, and even though I'm quite sure I provided my United Mileage Plus number when booking, I haven't received mileage credit. The flight was several months ago and I've misplaced the boarding passes. Do I need them to get mileage credit?”

United Requires Information from the Boarding Pass, But Not the Physical Boarding Pass

While it's always a good idea to keep your boarding pass, in case mileage credit doesn't post, United only requires a ticket number to claim credit for United or United Express flights, and for Star Alliance or other partner flights, this information is required:

  • Ticket number
  • Name
  • Flight number
  • Booking class
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • Departure Date
  • Seat Assignment
Simply login with your United MileagePlus number and go to United Mileage Credit to enter your ticket details and claim mileage credit.

When Do I Have to Submit a Mileage Credit Request By?

Typically, requests may be submitted up to 9 months after the date of your flight for Delta, 6 months for Alaska Airlines (partners; may request within 11 months for Alaska flights), and 12 months after the date of your flight for United and American, but check with the specific frequent flyer program you're seeking mileage credit for.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Partner Mileage Credit?
  • United Airlines: Varies by partner. Allow 15 days from date of flight for mileage credit to post, before submitting a missing mileage request
  • American Airlines Mileage Credit: Generally credited within 30 days of requesting mileage credit
  • Delta Mileage Credit: Varies by partner. Allow 7 days from date of flight for mileage credit to post, before submitting a missing mileage request. For partner airlines, you must fax a copy of your airline ticket/ticket receipt and boarding pass to 404-773-1945
  • Alaska Mileage Credit: Allow 14 days from date of flight for partner mileage credit to post, before submitting a missing mileage request

Some Airlines Require Your Boarding Pass to Receive Mileage Credit for Partner Flights

As noted above, Delta and Alaska, among others, require a copy of your physical boarding pass to receive mileage credit for partner flights.
But What If I Lost My Boarding Pass–Any Hope Receiving Alaska or Delta Mileage Credit?

I actually ran into this myself recently with my Emirates First Class A380 flight, which was a paid flight. I hadn't put my Alaska Mileage Plan number on it, and inadvertently misplaced my boarding pass. Initially I was told I couldn't receive mileage credit, but a kind customer service agent actually did agree to post the mileage credit, even though I'd only sent in a copy of my ticket receipt. So ask nicely, and you may manage to receive mileage credit even when the rules state a boarding pass is required. 

Have you received mileage credit without a boarding pass, even when one was required for retroactive mileage credit?
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