France: Vaccine Pass Replaces Health Pass, Booster Required

France: Vaccine Pass Replaces Health Pass, Booster Required


Visiting France? You'll Need a Vaccine Pass, including a booster shot if your vaccine was over 4 months ago, effective 2/15/22. France is one of the destinations requiring COVID-19 booster shots, in this case not to enter the country, but in order to do anything that most visitors want to do, such as dining out and visiting museums and indoor cultural attractions.

Since 1/24/22, France's Vaccine Pass has replaced its previous Health Pass (Pass Sanitaire), meaning that it's not possible to enter restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, long distance trains, domestic flights, etc. with a negative COVID-19 test–it's required to be vaccinated. Here are the details on who needs a Vaccine Pass, what changes between now and 2/15/22, and how U.S. visitors can get a Vaccine Pass:

Who Needs a French Vaccine Pass vs. a Health Pass

The Vaccine Pass is required for people 16 and older, effective from 1/24/22, in order to enter:

  • Restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Leisure activities: museums, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, sports and entertainment venues, ski lifts in ski resorts, etc.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Large shopping centers
  • Inter-regional transport such as the TGV and long haul trains, domestic flights and buses in France

Note that children ages 12-15 don't require a Vaccine Pass but they do require a Health Pass to enter the above venues.


Requirements to Get a Vaccine Pass

  • Age 16 or older
  • Must be fully vaccinated with either two shots of Pfizer or Moderna, or one shot of Johnson & Johnson/Jansen
  • From 1/24/22-2/14/22, if 7 months have passed after the final vaccine dose, a booster dose (Pfizer or Moderna only) is required
  • Starting 2/15/22, a booster dose (Pfizer or Moderna only) is required if 4 months have passed after the final vaccine dose

How U.S. Visitors Can Get a Vaccine Pass

Vaccinated and boosted visitors from outside the EU, including U.S. visitors, can obtain a Vaccine Pass by bringing their passport and original certificate of vaccination and booster to select pharmacies that issue Vaccine Passes. See the bottom of the French Ministry of Health page for eligible pharmacies. The cost is EUR 30-36 per Vaccine Pass. Note that the certificate of vaccination must include, in a legible manner, the surname, first name, date of birth (which must match the passport) as well as the date of vaccination, the vaccine used, number of doses, and the country of vaccination.

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