EVA Air Business Class Review, TPE-BKK

EVA Business Class Review-777-300ER-Seat 6A


This EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Review from Taipei to Bangkok is of our 4 hour flight, following our EVA Business Class JFK-TPE flight and visit to

I've already discussed the EVA 777-300ER Business Class cabin (reverse herringbone in a 1-2-1 configuration), seat selection and seat in the above JFK-TPE review, so I won't rehash that discussion.

We were fortunate to be able to squeeze onto this flight at all, as previously we would have had a longer layover between our arriving flight into Taipei and departing flight later that day, so I didn't mind that we were in window seat 6A and 6D across the aisle, even though 6A is right in front of the lavatory and near the galley. It was a short daytime flight and as I wasn't trying to sleep, there was no inconvenience to being in the last row, which I do try to avoid on night flights.

As the EVA Business Class cabin we were in had a 7th row with three seats across (7D, 7F and 7K), my son's seat had a seat behind his.

EVA Business Class Review-Taipei-Bangkok


Here's an aerial shot of my seat, 6A:

EVA Business Class Seat Review-777-300ER


Here's my son's seat, 6D:

EVA Business Class Review-777-300ER-Seat 6D


Here's my YouTube Review of EVA Air Business Class TPE-BKK:


EVA Pajamas and Slippers

Even on this short 4 hour flight, we were offered Apujan pajamas and slippers. Because I'd packed lightly and I'd kept my pajamas from the last flight I declined pajamas for myself, but we got some pajamas for my son (well, actually my husband, in size L) and he loved them so much I actually purchased another pair for him from a seller online, after our trip. Kudos to EVA for making such comfy and much loved (at least by us) pajamas.

EVA Business Class Pajamas

EVA Business Class Review-Slippers


EVA Menu and Food, Taipei to Bangkok

The menu for our TPE-BKK flight was the following (see the actual menu depicted in the above video):

Appetizer: Goose Liver Mousse Slices with Zucchini and Mixed Fruit Salad

Main Course

Braised Chicken with Chinese Yam and Red Date in Sesame Oil Sauce, with Mixed Vegetables and Longevity Fine Noodle with Sesame Oil


Wok Fried Seafood with Ginger and Scallion in Oyster Sauce with Mixed Vegetables and Steamed Rice


Provencal Beef Stew with Mixed Vegetables and Red Skin Potatoes


Dessert: Fruit with Chia Seed Apricot Mousse Cake


I liked the goose liver mousse, but my son, who doesn't care for pate or foie gras, didn't like it all. It's interesting that there are no vegetarian options for either appetizer or main course on the regular menu–vegetarians should definitely pre-order their meal in advance.

EVA Business Class Review-TPE-BKK-Lunch Appetizer


For the main course, I'd decided to be adventurous and had pre-ordered the Braised Beef Shank, Tendon and Trip in Superior Soya Sauce with Noodles. It was decent, and the Chateau Larmande went well with it, but I wouldn't order it again. My favorite EVA dishes to date remain the Noodle Soup with Chilean Sea Bass, and also the pork buns that were part of the Chinese breakfast, on the JFK-Taipei flight.

EVA Business Class Review-Lunch Meal Pre-Order-Braised Beef Shank-Tendon-Tripe

EVA Business Class Review-Chateau LArmande Grand Cru Classe 2011

EVA Business Class Review-Chateau LArmande Grand Cru Classe


My son didn't like the regular menu options, and I hadn't pre-ordered anything for him, so the crew was kind enough to provide a salmon dish for him from economy. It was rather dry and overcooked, as often happens with fish, but I was grateful they were able to provide something he preferred over the existing business class choices.

EVA Business Class Review-TPE-BKK-Salmon


The fresh fruit in the dessert hit the spot, but the Apricot Mousse Cake was disappointing, just as the dessert on the JFK-TPE flight had been. But this is not to single EVA out; I've never had a great dessert on Cathay Pacific either, even in First Class.

EVA Business Class Review-TPE-BKK-Dessert-Fruit-Apricot Mousse Cake


The Verdict

I remain a big fan of the Cirrus seat that EVA Air, Cathay Pacific and several other airlines use in business class–it's just so well designed. Sure, I still prefer the JAL Business Class seat, especially private window seats, because of the extra airweave mattress pad provided, but other than that, EVA Air has a strong hard product.

The soft product is a bit mixed. I do love the pajamas that EVA Business Class provides–they're among my very favorite airline pajamas, and to my knowledge only EVA and Qatar offer pajamas to business class passengers. I also appreciate the beautiful small touches, such as the lovely dragonfly tablecloth and napkins EVA uses, and the pretty menu. I also was grateful for the crew's help in giving my son the fish meal he preferred (from economy class) since he didn't want any of the business class options. I'm not a big champagne drinker, but it's nice that even on this relatively short intra-Asia flight, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame champagne is served.

What I wish EVA would improve are the business class meals. I especially would like to see more vegetarian and lighter meal options available both on the regular menu and for pre-order, and better quality meals. And because the desserts are so unimpressive, I'd love to see a cheese course as an option.

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