Earn Frequent Flyer Miles During Coronavirus Without Flying

Earn Frequent Flyer Miles During Coronavirus Without Flying


Earn Frequent Flyer Miles and Points Without Flying, while staying home during the coronavirus. Even better, earn category bonuses of 2X-5X or more, maximizing your miles and points by using the best credit cards for each category.


1. Groceries: 5X with Chase Freedom During Q2 2020, or Ink Cash

For groceries, you can of course earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points on $1500 of grocery spend for Q2 2020 with the Chase Freedom card for all in-store shopping. But if you can, we recommend finding stores that will deliver to you, to limit your potential coronavirus exposure in grocery stores. Fresh Direct and Instacart purchases qualify for the Chase Freedom 5X bonus, as do other grocery stores that code as grocery (note that warehouse clubs such as Costco do NOT qualify for the 5X, and neither Walmart nor Target qualify).

If you're ordering Whole Foods delivery via Amazon, you can pay for purchases using Amazon gift cards purchased with an Ink Cash or Ink Plus card at an office supply store. Those office supply store purchases earn 5X.


2. Amazon: 5X with Ink Cash

As mentioned above, the best way to maximize miles and points when buying via Amazon is to use gift cards bought at office supply stores using an Ink Cash card, as those purchases earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points, assuming you also have a Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred, or Ink Business Preferred card as well, such that you can transfer out to Ultimate Rewards partners.


3. Internet, Phone, Cable, Office Supply Stores: 5X with Ink Cash

Earn 5X while working from home on all your Internet, phone and cable bills using your Ink Cash card.


4. Gift Certificates for Local Businesses, Donations: 2X with AMEX Blue Business Plus or New Credit Card to Earn Bonus

If you're looking to support local restaurants and businesses that aren't in a bonus category, we recommend using the AMEX Blue for Business card, which earns 2X Membership Rewards points for all spend. Alternatively, if you're working towards minimum spend in order to earn a new signup bonus, use that card.


5. Other Online Retailers: Online Shopping Portal + AMEX Blue Business Plus

For non-Amazon online shopping, a good way to earn additional points is to first click through an online shopping portal. Do a search on evreward.com to determine which online portal has the most lucrative payout, assuming you value that portal's miles or points.


6. Future Travel: 3X with Chase Sapphire Reserve

To the extent you're planning future travel, we recommend ensuring you're comfortable with the change and cancellation policies, and booking it with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Not only will you earn 3X Ultimate Rewards points per dollar, the Sapphire Reserve Trip Cancellation Insurance Coverage is Still Better Than AMEX Platinum's.

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