This Airline is Going to the Dogs

Dog-Friendly Airline: BARK Air


This airline is going to the dogs. Literally. BARK Air has launched dog-friendly flights between Los Angeles area Van Nuys Airport (VNY) and New York area Westchester (HPN) and between HPN and London area Biggin Hill (BQH). On the one hand, it seems the perfect answer to the many conflicts between passengers who travel with their “service animal” that is actually a pet, and passengers who are allergic or just don't want to share already cramped space with dogs who may or may not be trained or accustomed to flights.

BARK Air's FAQ question on whether carriers or crates are required is tongue-in-cheek: “For humans, maybe. For dogs, definitely not. If you’re more comfortable in a carrier, you do you and bring one with. We designed this entire experience for dogs first. You’ll be able to sit on laps, seats, beds, or wherever you’re comfortable.”

But while dog lovers may love the idea of an airline designed from the ground up to be dog-friendly, with plenty of dog toys, beds, blankets, and treats on board, the current offering of only two routes, and only once a week, will be a problem. Another big issue: the price. Tickets are $6000 each way for one person and one dog between Westchester and Van Nuys, and $8000 each way for one person and one dog between Westchester and Biggin Hill/London. The airline does provide complimentary dog-friendly car service within a 30 mile radius of its airports. Another wrinkle: only adults 18 and older are allowed; no children can fly.

Given the limited flights and cost, expect U.S. flights to continue host passengers with “service” animals.

What do you think of BARK Air?

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