Coronavirus Testing: Top 10 Countries and States

Coronavirus Testing: Top 10 Countries and States


Coronavirus testing per capita by country and by U.S. State has varied enormously to date. In part this has been due to a severe shortage of reliable testing capacity in many places, resulting in very limited availability for anyone who is not already symptomatic, linked to a confirmed coronavirus case, or a healthcare worker.

While the current situation can easily change, we thought it would be interesting to take a snapshot view of the best countries and U.S. states in terms of coronavirus tests per capita, and also the best places so far in terms of mortality per capita. Ideally we'd have had access to cumulative hospitalizations, since deaths are a lagging indicator, but a number of U.S. states and countries haven't reported cumulative hospitalizations.

Keep in mind that the figures before are as of time of writing, and that we included only countries that we send clients to.

Countries and Regions with the Highest Coronavirus Testing per Million

  1. Iceland: 134,716 tests per million
  2. UAE: 103,365
  3. Estonia: 35,680
  4. Israel: 34,971
  5. Portugal: 32,414
  6. Norway: 28,614
  7. Switzerland: 28,343
  8. Italy: 28,245
  9. Qatar: 27,665
  10. Germany: 24,738


Countries and Regions with the Lowest Coronavirus Mortality per Million

  1. Taiwan: 0.3 deaths per million
  2. Hong Kong: 0.5
  3. Thailand: 0.7
  4. Jordan: 0.7
  5. South Africa: 1
  6. Costa Rica: 1
  7. Singapore: 2
  8. Australia: 3
  9. Japan
  10. New Zealand: 4


U.S. States / DC with the Highest Coronavirus Testing per Million

  1. Rhode Island: 44,624 tests per million
  2. New York: 37,566
  3. Massachusetts: 31,222
  4. Louisiana: 30,913
  5. New Mexico: 24,564
  6. Washington, DC: 23,536
  7. New Jersey: 23,189
  8. Washington state: 21,054
  9. Connecticut: 20,768
  10. Hawaii: 19,802


U.S. States with the Lowest Coronavirus Mortality per Million

  1. Hawaii: 9 deaths per million
  2. Alaska: 12
  3. Montana: 13
  4. Oregon: 20
  5. Texas: 20
  6. Idaho: 30
  7. Maine: 35
  8. Arizona: 37
  9. New Hampshire: 39
  10. California: 40


Even the U.S. state with the lowest number of deaths per million, Hawaii, is still above the mortality rate of the top nations and regions, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Hawaii's mortality is roughly equivalent to Chile's on a per capita basis, while California's is similar to Slovenia's.

In terms of testing, the best U.S. states have tested more people per capita than most countries, in large part due to how significant a problem COVID-19 has become–New York remains the epidemic's epicenter, and no country with a larger population than New York state has tested more people per million. The closest is Italy, with a population of over 60 million, which has tested 28,245 people per million.

Are you pleased or concerned with coronavirus testing in your state or country?

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