Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Review, Menu and Prices

Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Restaurant Review, Menu and Prices


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Getting to Jahn Restaurant and Reservations

Jahn Restaurant is the Conrad Koh Samui's fine dining restaurant, featuring Thai fusion cuisine. It's near the top of the resort, so chances are you'll take one of the resort's buggies to Jahn. If you're not staying at the Conrad Koh Samui, I've heard that Jahn offers complimentary transfers to the restaurant from your resort. Note that Jahn is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and only open for dinner.

Jahn Restaurant Entrance, Conrad Koh Samui

The Scene

We had an early reservation, both to enjoy the sunset and so that we could get the munchkin to bed at his usual time. Because of this, we were the very first guests there, and the associate who welcomed us even proactively offered to take our picture outside Jahn, which was a nice touch.

Enjoying the Sunset at Jahn, Conrad Koh Samui


Even after we were seated, it was about 20 minutes until anyone else was seated, and there were enough tables (Jahn seats 28) that there was ample privacy for each of the tables. We were dining on a Wednesday, so perhaps Saturday and Sunday nights are busier. Dress is stated as “formal” although my husband hadn't brought any formal clothes for the trip and was fine in his white sunshirt.

Jahn Restaurant, Conrad Koh Samui Review

Jahn Menu and Food 

Jahn offers a tasting menu for 2999 THB (4999 THB with wine pairing) but we didn't opt for that since we didn't want such lengthy meal when dining with the munchkin. Instead, we chose from the a la carte menu:

Conrad Koh Samui-Jahn Menu - Starters


Conrad Koh Samui - Jahn Menu - Main Courses

Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Menu - Desserts

The munchkin was given a kids menu to choose from, the back side of which was a nice coloring activity:

Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Restaurant - Kids Menu


Our dinner at Jahn began with an amuse bouche of green papaya salad with fresh crab, which was delicious:

Amuse Bouche, Jahn, Conrad Koh Samui


The kitchen was very thoughtful from the perspective of quickly preparing the munchkin's spaghetti bolognese and serving it to him soon after we'd enjoyed our amuse bouche. Clearly they know that a more peaceful dinner is enjoyed by all when the kid is fed first!

Spaghetti Bolognese from Jahn Kids Menu


I didn't order a starter, but my husband's Tom Kha Gai was the most striking presentation I've seen of this dish, with its foam and edible flowers in a coconut. The soup itself was good, but not exceptional–we can easily enjoy better tom kha gai here in NYC, and I've even made better tom kha gai myself at home.

Jahn Restaurant, Conrad Koh Samui Review - Tom Kha Gai


A refreshing Rosella Sorbet was presented as a palate cleanser, following my husband's starter:

Jahn Restaurant Review, Conrad Koh Samui - Sorbet Palate Cleanser


For his main course, my husband had chosen the Red Curry of Lamb, which again was beautifully presented, adorned with crisped holy basil, Thai eggplant, carrots, and just the right amount of red curry sauce. Delicious and my favorite dish of the evening.

Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Review, Menu and Prices - Red Curry of Lamb


I'd heard good things about the Wagyu of Beef Massaman, so I ordered that. While not as beautiful a presentation, it was solidly executed, and I did appreciate that the sauce was served separately, so you could decide how much to pour on. After all, with such a great cut of meat, you don't necessarily want to smother it with sauce, as good as massman curry sauce is.

While the lemongrass rice was striking in color–green–it was artificially dyed that way, which I wasn't keen on. I much prefer fine dining that doesn't rely on food coloring or preservatives.

Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Review, Menu and Prices - Wagyu Beef Massman


Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Restaurant Review - Massaman Sauce and Lemongrass Rice


Between our main courses and dessert, we were offered a pre dessert of chocolate ice cream in cones. While a nice idea, the ice cream was icy, as if it had thawed slightly and refrozen.

Jahn Pre-Dessert Ice Cream Cone


For dessert, I chose the chocolate souffle with pistachio ice cream, and my husband chose the coconut creme brulee. Once again, presentation was beautiful, but the taste was unimpressive.

My husband liked the coconut creme brulee, but although there was textural contrast in terms of silky coconut cream, shavings of young coconut and the coconut ice cream, the flavor was rather one-dimensional. And calling this dessert a creme brulee is just plain misleading, when nothing about it is bruleed–there is no caramelized crunchy layer to this dessert, so it would more aptly be described as coconut pudding.

Coconut Creme Brulee, Jahn, Conrad Koh Samui

The chocolate souffle was fine texture-wise, but far too timid in its use of chocolate, which was merely milk chocolate with a barely discernable chocolate flavor. The pistachio ice cream was probably the best part of the dessert, but it wasn't nearly as good as the pistachio gelato we get at Grom here in NYC.

Chocolate Souffle with Pistachio Ice Cream, Jahn, Conrad Koh Samui

There was a thoughtful platter of mignardises provided, although all at the same time as the desserts. The only thing worth eating from it was the macaron.


Service throughout our visit was friendly, attentive and professional. Our water glasses were kept refilled, when the munchkin inadvertently dropped a utensil it was replaced with a smile, and our questions regarding one of our allergies were answered and kept in mind throughout the meal.

The Verdict: We enjoyed our visit to Jahn, for its elegant take on Thai cuisine, sunset, and excellent service. I think I would have been disappointed had we done the full tasting menu, since in my view the strongest items were the amuse bouche and the main courses, so I'm glad we went the a la carte route. If you're a foodie, I would skip dessert, or just share one, since the dessert portions are generous.

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