Butterfly Garden at Singapore Airport

Butterfly Garden at Singapore Changi Airport


The Butterfly Garden at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 was another highlight for us, in addition to the Slide@T3. Keep in mind that the Butterfly Garden is air side, so unlike the slide, which is land side and can be visited before you clear security, you must be a passenger and have cleared security before visiting the Butterfly Garden. Visiting is free; there's no charge for the Butterfly Garden.

For such a unique airport attraction, I was surprised that the Butterfly Garden wasn’t better signed. I checked with a couple of the fortunately abundant information desks, in order to be sure we hadn’t missed it and were still headed in the right direction. It would be easy to walk past it, since the entrance isn’t off of the main thoroughfare where the shops are, but instead squirreled away in a nondescript corridor, after cutting through a lounge/bar area. 

But finally we saw the sign and entrance:

Entrance to Butterfly Garden, T3 at Singapore Changi Airport


And across from the entrance door was a description of the Butterfly Garden:

Butterfly Garden at Changi Airport, Singapore 


After entering the glass doors, you pass through heavy plastic strips, to help ensure the butterflies don’t escape. The actual Butterfly Garden is small in terms of footprint, although with soaring ceilings, giving the butterflies plenty of altitude to fly, although most of course hovered around the flowers, to drink the nectar. I especially liked this one, of a blue and black butterfly on vibrant red flowers:

 Butterfly and Flowers at Butterfly Garden, Singapore Airport


One of the first things the munchkin noticed was a case with cocoons in various stages of development—a butterfly incubator.

Butterfly Garden at Singapore Airport-Cocoons


Cocoons, Butterfly Garden, Singapore Airport


One of the butterflies had already emerged and was drying its wings:

New Butterfly Drying Its Wings, Butterfly Garden, Singapore Airport


The Verdict: While small, we were glad we made time to stop by The Butterfly Garden at T3. It was a welcome dose of natural beauty in an otherwise high tech, commercial airport environment.

Enjoying the Butterfly Garden at T3, Singapore Airport


Have you visited the Butterfly Garden at T3 in Singapore Changi Airport?

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