Bianchi Zurich Restaurant Review

Bianchi Zurich Restaurant Review
Bianchi Restaurant in Zurich's Old Town

This Bianchi Zurich Restaurant Review is from our 2019 visit, during our Switzerland site inspection trip. Bianchi is one of many Italian restaurants in Zurich, although one of only a handful open on Sundays, when many Zurich restaurants are closed. It also turned out to have a great deal for kids, more on that below.

Bianchi is one of the 40 restaurants in Switzerland owned and operated by Bindella, a family-run enterprise that has sold Italian wines in Switzerland since 1909.

Bianchi Zurich Restaurant Location and Hours

Bianchi is located at Limmatquai 82 in Zurich's Old Town. It was an easy and pleasant 15 minute walk from the Park Hyatt Zurich, where we were staying.

Pleasant Walk into Zurich's Old Town
Zurich's Old Town, Across the Limmat River

Bianchi is open daily for lunch and dinner, from 11:30am-11:30pm Mondays-Saturdays (kitchen closes at 10pm) and from 11:30-10:30pm Sundays (kitchen closes at 9pm).

I do recommend making a reservation for dinner on the weekend. There's some outdoor seating in nice weather, although on the day we visited, it was extremely hot, and in my view too hot outside to be enjoyable. Even inside it was quite warm, as there is no air conditioning.

Bianchi Restaurant, Old Town Zurich
Bianchi Restaurant Entrance, Zurich
Bianchi Restaurant Entrance, Zurich

Bianchi Zurich Menu and Food

Bianchi Restaurant specializes in seafood, although it also serves pasta dishes. Here's the menu at the time of our visit:

Bianchi Zurich Menu-Antipasti and Salads
Bianchi Zurich Menu-Seafood Appetizers
Bianchi Zurich Menu-Soups and Pasta
Bianchi Zurich Menu-Pasta Risotto
Bianchi Zurich Menu-Fish
Bianchi Zurich Menu-Seafood Dishes
Bianchi Zurich Menu-Fish Dishes

The restaurant started us off with a lovely amuse bouche that was similar to our son's salmon in a nori tempura crust.

Bianchi Zurich Restaurant Review: Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche, Bianchi Restaurant, Zurich

My husband ordered the Brown Trout, which was cooked whole and filleted tableside. It was quite plain, exactly as the menu had described, but fresh and perfectly cooked.

Bianchi Zurich Review: Fish Filleted Tableside
Fish Filleted Tableside, Bianchi Zurich
Trout, Bianchi Zurich Restaurant Review

I ordered the homemade raviolo with spinach and burrata cheese, which was delicious. The burrata cheese was creamy and richer than the more commonly used ricotta would have been, and the butter sauce ensured the dish was quite filling, even though it was just three large ravioli.

Homemade Spinach Burrata Raviolo, Bianchi Zurich Review
Homemade Spinach Burrata Raviolo, Bianchi Zurich

We also ordered some roasted vegetables, to share, which included eggplant, zucchini, and pepper.

Roasted Vegetables, Bianchi Zurich Review
Roasted Vegetables, Bianchi Zurich

There's an unusual and generous child policy that the restaurant has, which is that children age 12 and under are able to enjoy any dish of their choice for CHF 15.

Bianchi Zurich Restaurant: CHF 15 for Children Age 12 and under

Our son's favorite fish is salmon, so he ordered salmon fillets in Nori with zucchini and mushroom. Not only was this dish artfully presented, it was fantastic. The salmon was wrapped in Nori which was tempura fried, so crispy on the outside, but essentially sashimi on the inside. The mushrooms it came with were delicious as well.

Salmon in Nori, Bianchi Zurich Restaurant Review
Salmon in Nori, Bianchi Restaurant, Zurich

The Verdict

Originally I found Bianchi when looking for a good Zurich restaurant that was open Sunday evening, when many Zurich restaurants are closed. It ended up being a great deal for our kid, given that he ordered a superb salmon dish that cost CHF 52, yet as a kid 12 and under, we paid just CHF 15. Highly recommended if you enjoy well prepared Italian cuisine and are similarly looking for Zurich restaurant open on Sunday, and/or have one or more hungry kids age 12 and under.

What's your favorite Zurich restaurant that's open on Sundays?

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