Avoiding Singapore’s Smog and Haze: Where to Go After a Singapore Suites Flight?

Avoiding Singapore's Smog and Haze: Where to Go After a Singapore Suites Flight?

Where to go to avoid Singapore's haze, after arriving in Singapore Suites? A TravelSort client writes “I have a great trip planned for me and my daughter (JFK – Singapore, 1st class Singapore Suites on the A380) but the fires around Singapore and made the visibility and health index plummet…I am now scrambling to see where else we should go…can you help with this?”

Readers who are in Singapore, have been there recently or are following the news know that unfortunately there are annual problems with haze and smog in Singapore, Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia, due to slash and burn forest fires set in Sumatra by small farmers clearing land for palm oil tree or other plantations. While the haze occurs most years, it's especially bad at this time this year due to how dry it is and El Nino winds that are carrying the haze farther afield.

Singapore: Smog and Haze Obscures the Marina Bay Sands


But back to this client's question: where should he and his daughter go instead of Singapore? I've prioritized locations using these criteria:

  • Proximity to Singapore without being affected by the smog or haze
  • Likelihood of good weather in October
  • Recommended luxury resort with Virtuoso or preferred partner benefits
  • Special offer

1. Amankila, East Bali: 4th Night Free and Virtuoso Benefits

Airport: Denpasar DPS, 2 hours 40 min. from SIN

Weather in October: Likely sunny or partly cloudy, highs in mid-80s, lows in mid 70s

Amankila is one of, if not my favorite luxury resort in Bali, with dramatic tiered pools overlooking the Indian Ocean. While this is best for a relaxing vacation, activities also include a cruise on Aman's own private boat with snorkeling followed by breakfast, as well as trekking in East Bali. Plus, guests are often treated to traditional Balinese gamelan music or dance by candlelight by the pool in the evening.

Avoiding Singapore's Smog: Escape to Amankila, Bali


2. Amanjiwo, Near Borobodur, Java: 4th Night Free and Virtuoso Benefits

Airport: Yogyakarta JOT 2 hours 10 min. from SIN

Weather in October: Mostly sunny, with some scattered showers. Highs in the high 80s, lows in the high 70s

Amanjiwo is one of the best Aman Resorts in the world, with excellent service, beautiful architecture that echoes that of ancient Buddhist temple Borobudur nearby (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and interesting cultural experiences, from of course Borobudur to Hindu temples, an andong (horse drawn cart) ride through local villages, and encouragement of guests' artistic side with paints and paper provided in each guest suite. Even non-Indonesian food choices are delicious–don't miss the lemon souffle pancakes, housemade yogurt with granola, or the chocolate souffle for dessert.

Amanjiwo, Near Borobudur, Java


3. Amanusa, Nusa Dua: 4th Night Free and Virtuoso Benefits

Airport: Denpasar DPS, 2 hours 40 min. from SIN

Weather in October: Likely sunny or partly cloudy, highs in mid-80s, lows in mid 70s

Nusa Dua is one of the best places in Bali for a white sand beach, and Amanusa's beach is especially private, without the problems with agressive local hawkers that sometimes afflict guests staying at the nearby St. Regis.

Escape Singapore Smog at Amanusa in Nusa Dua, Bali


4. Amanpulo (Pamalican Island, Philippines): Virtuoso Benefits

Airport: Manila MNL, 3 hours 40 min. from SIN

Weather in October: Variable: sunny, partly cloudy, and some showers. Highs in mid-80s, lows in mid 70s

Amanpulo has the best beach I've ever experienced–the kind of powdery white sand that beach lovers dream of. I'm originally from Hawaii and have been to 5 different resorts in the Maldives, not to mention other resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, Thailand, etc. and none of them can compare to Amanpulo. 

Amanpulo's Gorgeous Beach


Which luxury resort would you pick to escape Singapore's haze?

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