PSA: Avoid JetBlue for Summer 2022 Flights and Beyond

Avoid JetBlue Summer 2022 Flights


PSA: Avoid JetBlue for flights in Summer 2022 and Beyond, until the airline improves its operations and its number of schedule changes. JetBlue, which along with Southwest cancelled or delayed the majority of its flights April 2-4, 2022, has been a laggard in its operations, coming in dead last in the Wall Street Journal's annual ranking of airline operational performance, lower than Spirit. Delta Air Lines was best. Passengers aren't the only ones complaining; the Air Line Pilots Association, the union that represents JetBlue pilots, blamed Alex Battaglia, Head of Airports and System Operations, who assumed that role in August 2021. “[Ever since Battaglia was appointed], JetBlue’s reputation among its customers has plummeted,” the union stated in a press release, which went on to note that pilots were “consistently unable to reach Crew Services in a timely manner for purposes of managing their schedules and responding to disruptions and irregular operations, which has compounded and extended operational delays on countless occasions.”


JetBlue Route Cuts for Summer 2022

Chances are that if you're on one of the following routes that JetBlue has axed for the summer, you've received an email, but it doesn't hurt to double check, since with the sheer volume of emails most of us receive on a daily basis, it may have been overlooked. JetBlue is making the cuts to try to avoid the kind of operational meltdown it subjected passengers to in April 2022, but bottom line, the airline shouldn't have been so aggressive with its flight schedule in the first place, as now many passengers who booked the impacted flights have to scramble to get new flights when flights are already running full and alternatives may well have increased in price, due to prevailing inflation.

Note that many of these cuts involve Fort Lauderdale (FLL), although Boston (BOS), Hartford (BDL), Los Angeles (LAX), Orlando (MCO) and other cities are also affected. The 2022 dates below are when the route won't operate.

  • Boston (BOS) – Rochester (ROC): 7/1-9/6
  • Boston (BOS) – San Jose (SJC): 7/1-9/6
  • Boston (BOS) – Vancouver (YVR): route won't launch
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Aguadilla (BQN): 7/7-9/8
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Atlanta (ATL): 7/1-9/6
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Austin (AUS): 7/1-9/6
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Buffalo (BUF): 7/1-9/6
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Nashville (BNA): 7/1-9/6
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – New Orleans (MSY): 8/1-9/6
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Philadelphia (PHL): 7/1-9/6
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Phoenix (PHX): 8/1-9/7
  • Hartford (BDL) – San Juan (SJU): 7/1-9/6
  • Hartford (BDL) – Tampa (TPA): 7/1-9/6
  • Hartford (BDL) – West Palm Beach (PBI): 7/1-9/6
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Richmond (RIC): 8/1-9/6
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Seattle (SEA): 7/1-9/6
  • Orlando (MCO) – Nassau (NAS): 8/1-9/6
  • Orlando (MCO) – Syracuse (SYR): 7/1-9/6
  • Raleigh-Durham (RDU) – Cancun (CUN): 8/10-9/6
  • Tampa (TPA) – Cancun (CUN): 7/11-9/6


Even beyond summer 2022, be on the lookout for a JetBlue email telling you that your originally booked flight has been cancelled. We had a JetBlue Mint flight booked for later in 2022 from LAX to LIR, which has been cancelled. JetBlue proposed to route us through JFK, which would have extended the travel time by 9 hours. Naturally we declined and are insisting on a refund back to our credit card.

Has JetBlue cancelled or delayed any of your flights in 2022?

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