AMEX Targeted Bonus Offers: Can Your Spouse Apply for Your Offer?

AMEX Targeted Offers: Can Your Spouse Apply for Your Offer?

For AMEX targeted bonus offers, can your spouse apply for your targeted offer, or vice versa–can you apply for your spouse's targeted AMEX bonus offer? 

TravelSort reader Daniel wrote in response to 150K AMEX Business Platinum Card Bonus Offer (Targeted): “Funny you should write about this 150K offer; I already have the AMEX Business Platinum for my business, but somehow I also received a 150K AMEX Business Platinum offer, in my company name. Since I already have the card and am not eligible, could my wife use my 150K targeted offer for her business?”

AMEX Business Targeted Offers

AMEX Business targeted offers are addressed to a given business and, when you go to the offer page (for example, for the AMEX Business Platinum) and enter your unique RSVP Code, it does pre-populate with your business name. 

But, interestingly, you can change the business name, which enables your spouse or partner to apply for the card for their business, instead. While there's no guarantee that s/he will be approved, it's possible, and has happened for some of my readers.

AMEX Personal Card Targeted Offers

For AMEX targeted offers for personal cards, such as the American Express Platinum card or the American Express Premier Gold Rewards card, these offers are typically tied to a specific name, which prepopulates once you enter the offer code. For these targeted personal card offers, it's not possible for your spouse or partner to take advantage of your targeted AMEX offer.

Another Route to a 100K AMEX Business Platinum Bonus Offer

What if you received a great targeted offer awhile back but missed applying before the expiration date? Apparently some folks on Flyertalk such as ukinney2000 and etilyeti have had success, for the AMEX Business Platinum only, calling AMEX and getting the customer service rep to extend them the 100K AMEX Business Platinum offer:

1. I called 1-800-971-6736, and chose option #1, “Apply for a new card”

The conversation then went like this:

Me: I would like to apply for the Platinum Business Card. However, a few months ago I got an offer that has since expired. I was wondering if I could still apply and get the bonus that was offered to me?

CSR: Let me see what I can do for you. Do you still have the RSVP code?

Me: No, but I remember the offer. It was for 100,000 Membership Rewards points after spending at least $10,000 within the first three months

CSR: That should be no problem. As a courtesy I can extend you that same offer whereby you would get 100,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $10,000 or more within the first three months.”

Note that this is for the AMEX Business Platinum only; I have heard no reports of people being able to successfully obtain a 100K offer for the personal version of the AMEX Platinum if they weren't already targeted for it. Plus, keep in mind that signup bonuses for AMEX personal cards have become once in a lifetime.

If you've applied for your spouse's targeted AMEX bonus offer or your spouse applied for yours, what was the outcome?

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