AMEX Offers: Do Reps Even Understand How They Work?

AMEX Offers: Do AMEX Reps Even Understand How They Work?


Do AMEX Reps Understand How AMEX Offers Work? Usually AMEX Offers statement credits post promptly, but when one didn't, a lengthy and frustrating call has me wondering if AMEX is struggling as much or more than other companies to find quality account service representatives.

When an expected $150 statement credit failed to post after meeting the requisite spend for an AMEX Offer several days before the deadline, I gave it a week (terms state it can take 7-10 business days, but in our experience, it never takes that long to post), then called the number on the back of my AMEX Blue Business Plus.

The representative verified the card I was calling about, and I explained that I was calling about an AMEX offer that I'd added to my account, the terms of the offer, and that I was waiting for a $150 statement credit. He then proceeded to ask whether I'd gotten the offer directly from the merchant, or how I'd received the offer (!) and I repeated in gory detail how AMEX Offers work. He then said “I know how AMEX Offers work.” Hmm, okay. Keep in mind this was a U.S.-based agent, so there was no language barrier.


Request to Speak to a Supervisor

When I asked to speak to a Supervisor, he asked why, before finally putting me on a long hold. He eventually came back (no Supervisor on the line) and reiterated that because it hadn't yet been 7-10 business days, I needed to wait. He then asked if I still wanted to speak with a Supervisor, to which I said yes. Another 5 minutes later, and I was finally able to speak with a Supervisor, who was more polite and knowledgeable, agreeing that usually statement credits/points post quite quickly, but in a few cases it does take closer to the 7-10 business days to post.

If you've needed to call AMEX for one of your AMEX credit cards, whether for an AMEX Offer where the statement credit or Membership Rewards points didn't post or for another reason, how satisfied were you with the representative's service?

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1 year ago

We’ll they always use the same excuse. It can take up to a month, etc. I presume most people forget to call in a second time. So this works for them. Then you call in and they point out the offer isn’t on your card. We’ll of course not. It’s expired. Etc. You’ll eventually get your credit but only after numerous contacts.

1 year ago

Wildly varies in my experience. And this isn’t even something that is a recent problem. I’ve had poor experiences with customer service reps, that preceded the pandemic.

1 year ago

Calling anybody’s customer service, at any level, is a long, undesirable, and often frustrating experience, exasperated when you keep bouncing from person to person and having to explain the whole story over and over. I find it is often not worth the hassle of whatever I am trying to accomplish. My current bane is that my login ID will not book Amex Travel, and requires a “special team” that is almost never available without an extended wait. So I just don’t use Amex Travel, nor their expensive cards that offer rebates on points. That said, even though “it never takes… Read more »