AMEX Offers: 25K AMEX Points Posted

AMEX Offers-25K AMEX Points Posted


25,000 AMEX Membership Rewards Points Posted for AMEX Offers we recently took advantage of. Since I value Membership Rewards points at 2 cents per point (although we generally only redeem them at a valuation of 4-8 cents per point or more), that's equivalent to $500, which is more than the AMEX Business Platinum annual fee.

We earned 15,000 points from the Four Seasons AMEX Offer:

AMEX Offers-15K Points for Four Seasons


We also earned 10,000 points and a $100 statement credit from the Peninsula Hotels AMEX Offer:

AMEX Offers-10K Points for Peninsula Hotels


When Do AMEX Offers Membership Rewards Points Post to Your Account?

AMEX Offers generally include the terms “Additional points will be credited to your Membership Rewards program account within 90 days after [AMEX Offer deadline date].”  Rarely, though, do you have to wait a full 90 days after the offer expiration to get your Membership Rewards points.

In the case of the Four Seasons offer, the 15,000 points posted today, one day after the October 10 deadline.

The 10,000 points for The Peninsula Hotels offer also posted today, even though the offer is still active until October 31, 2018, if you've enrolled your card in the offer.

You should always expect to receive an email from AMEX after you've used a card enrolled in a given AMEX Offer. For example, this is the email I received after I'd used my enrolled AMEX card for the Four Seasons:

AMEX Offers-Four Seasons Offer


The email doesn't guarantee you've met the offer terms, as it says “If your purchase meets the offer terms…” but it does at least indicate that AMEX is tracking your spend and your card was correctly enrolled in the offer. If you don't receive this email within a day of your spend, I'd definitely contact AMEX using the number on the back of your card.

Also be sure not to wait until the last few days of the offer to make your purchase, since merchants sometimes delay in submitting transactions to AMEX, which could cause your purchase date to fall after the offer expiration date.

How many Membership Rewards points do you typically earn from AMEX Offers each year?

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How the heck did you get those offers! Between my wife and I we have 9 cards. Not on Ny of them. Good for you