A Hidden Secret: Can You Guess the Resort?

A Hidden Secret: Can You Guess the Resort?


My clients are a well-traveled bunch, and while I've personally stayed at many of the luxury hotels and resorts they go to, it's relatively rare that I stay at a resort that none of them has been to. But not only is this resort one that my clients have not been to yet, it's one that I couldn't be more excited to share with couples planning a romantic honeymoon or anniversary trip, or even families with well behaved kids looking for something completely different.

Outdoor activities abound, from snorkeling, paddle boarding and other water sports, to trekking, to cycling, and the resort grounds include tennis courts, as well as a well-equipped gym, yoga and pilates. Nature lovers and bird watchers will be happy to know that a nature reserve surrounds the resort, making for especially lovely walks and treks, with sightings of indigenous birds and potentially other fauna. And gourmets can savor delicious versions of the local cuisine as well as learn how to prepare it.

I've taken several flights and a drive to get here, for just a one night stay, but the travel is completely worth it. The property is enormous, so you have the option of taking a buggy around, although I've opted to get some exercise walking. Here's a view of the ocean from one of the paths:

Sea View from a Resort Path


If you walk, you'll notice the varied vegetation, ranging from cactus to these tiny flowers:




The path meanders down to the beach, where you can swim in the ocean or take in the view from a lounge chair:

Beach and Lounge Chairs


If you work up an appetite, you can dine by the pool, with a view of the sea beyond:

Dining with a View


Many of the stand alone villas feature their own private infinity pool, perfect for couples or families alike:

Villa's Private Infinity Pool


Look forward to an afternoon siesta or evening slumber in the bed:

Villa Bed


So, luxury travel sleuths–can you guess the resort? And have you enjoyed a stay here?

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