50K US Airways MasterCard Link Still Alive

50K US Airways MasterCard Link Still Alive


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50K US Airways MasterCard Links are still alive, thanks to referral links (although the precededing link is not a referral) per this Flyertalk thread. This is great news for those who were planning to apply, only to find the US Airways MasterCard links gone from the US Airways site, due to the March 28 merger of the Dividend Miles and AAdvantage frequent flyer programs.

The $89 fee is not waived, but 50,000 AAdvantage miles for less than 0.2 cents per mile is still an incredible bargain. 50,000 AAdvantage miles could get you a one way JAL Business Class award to Japan, one way airberlin Business Class to Europe, or with a few more miles, one of these awards:

  • Cathay Business Class to Hong Kong or Asia 2 for 55K miles
  • Cathay First Class to Hong Kong or Asia 2 for 67,500 miles
  • JAL First Class to Japan for 62,500 miles
  • Etihad First Apartment from Abu Dhabi to Australia for 60,000 miles


Do I Have to Close Existing US Air MasterCards to Be Approved?

No–per reports on Flyertalk, some successful applicants still have an existing card or two open and were approved for a 2nd or 3rd US Air MasterCard.


If I Applied Earlier This Year, Can I Get a 2nd US Air MasterCard?

Highly unlikely, as this would mean 2 cards within 3 months. Most who have successfull been approved got their most recent US Air MasterCard 6 or more months ago.


My Application Went to Pending; How Do I Check the Status, and Is It Worth Calling Reconsideration?

You can check the status of your application at Barclays Online Application Status Check; if it shows as denied, it's typically not worth calling reconsideration.


Best Other AAdvantage Offers?

If you can't get approved for another 50K US Air MasterCard, see Best Travel Credit Cards for links to Citi AAdvantage card offers. You can also earn AAdvantage miles via BankDirect, although it's not as lucrative as it used to be due to the 2013 devaluation, or with a Fidelity brokerage account AAdvantage bonus.

Have you recently been approved for a 50K US Air MasterCard?

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